WinForms Charts: How to use panes programmatically

27 August 2008

A request came in just recently, prompted by my video introducing the three major new features in XtraCharts v2008 vol 2: how do you set up a couple of series and display them in separate panes. "Programmatically" came the kicker before I could quip with "watch the video properly."

So our Charts team quickly whipped up a couple of examples and have uploaded them to CodeCentral.

The first shows the steps needed for the example I showed at design-time in the video. Here we bind to the gsp.mdb database and display the chart using the automatic SeriesTemplate property. We show each of the 5 series in the data in a separate pane.

The second shows the same data, but this time the series are explicitly set up. (For brevity we only show two of the possible 5 series in the data. It left as an exercise for the reader to display the other 3 series Wink.)

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