Rebuild·Restore·Renew: Just before day 1 at Tech·Ed

07 June 2010

[UPDATE: I forgot to mention that our booth is in aisle 26, furthest to the left after you come in.]

We’re here at Tech·Ed, booth erected and waiting for the attendees. I thought I’d quickly give you my first impressions of New Orleans and the show here before the doors open and we’re swamped.

First of all, it’s humid. Second, it doesn’t get particularly cooler at night. Third, did I mention it’s humid? It rained yesterday afternoon, and there was no difference in the humidity before, during, or afterwards. So.

The main thing is that our booth is very much smaller than we’ve had for a show like this for quite a while. A mere 10x10 booth, but guess what? Mehul, Mark, Bobby and I are here, very much larger than life (at least one more than the others…), and we have some great software to show off. The reason for the small booth is, of course, that we’re putting what we usually spend on a show like this to building a house for a deserving New Orleanian (we put up the walls on Friday!) to do our bit to help with the post-Katrina rebuild that’s still going on, even 5 years later.

And, er, we have t-shirts to give away:


(That’s the wall-o’-t-shirt-boxes at the back of the booth with Bobby and Mehul trying to work out how to put up the rear part of the display.)

So, if you’re here at Tech·Ed, do stop by, and let us show you what we have and pick up a t-shirt as you leave.

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