Sneak peek: the WinForms Ribbon gains a mini toolbar (coming in v2011 vol.1)

17 February 2011

We’ll be releasing a new Ribbon mini toolbar in DXperience WinForms v2011.1. This control emulates the familiar context toolbar in Microsoft Office applications, such as Word.

Here’s a quick animated screenshot of the mini toolbar in action:


The toolbar provides the following functionality:

  1. The use and display of any bar item, including galleries.
  2. Full support for transparency. Just like you are used to when using Word, the toolbar fades in and out depending on how far the mouse cursor is away from the context point. You can see this in action in the above image. In essence, the nearer the cursor the more opaque the toolbar; the further away, the more transparent. Beyond some distance the toolbar becomes invisible (hidden) and is not redisplayed when the cursor is moved back. All of these distances (the point at which it starts becoming transparent, at which is becomes hidden, and so on) are fully configurable. Similarly you can turn this feature off completely if need be.
  3. The ability to display a context menu at the same time if required (the animated image shows this too).
  4. The capability to customize the alignment of the toolbar to the context point where it needs to be displayed.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of the new features in v2011.1.

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Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

Will there be a similar mini toolbar made available for the standard XtraBars BarManager component?

17 February, 2011
Nate Laff

Looks great!!!

17 February, 2011

Nice, but I sure hope that you will allow the current standalone bar container to work with the ribbon as well. :)

17 February, 2011
Tom Shane


looks great, however, visually, it is still far from the original Microsoft counterpart. The style of (for instance) Word 2010's context toolbar is the same as the context menu, including drop shadow.

Other than that, it is great feature and I'm glad there are new features still coming in WinForms.

17 February, 2011

Looks good but someone needs to review the fonts that your ribbon use vs. Microsoft's.  Take a look at the Application Menu for example, your fonts are much harder to read.  I reported this to the SC long ago.  Please align with the Microsoft implementation in regards to Fonts please.


17 February, 2011
Steven Rasmussen

This looks great!  Very cool.  Keep the improvements to winforms coming!

19 February, 2011

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