Sneak peek: WinForms Alert Window gains great new features (coming in v2011.1)

26 March 2011

We’ve implemented a couple of great new features for the WinForms AlertControl (a.k.a. – at least as far as I’m concerned – the “toaster” control) for v2011 vol.1, which will help make your apps pop.

1) Animation effects for showing the alert window

In previous versions the alert window used fade-in/fade-out effects to show or hide the alert window. In v2011.1, we’ve added a few more animations to show/hide the alert window: MoveVertical, MoveHorizontal, SlideVertical, SlideHorizontal. Instead of trying to describing them I’ll enjoin you to just watch them in this YouTube video.

I start off with the current fade animation and then I show the move animations and then the slide animations (the slide ones are supposed to be smoother animations, but it’s hard to show off in a video).

2) Ability to limit the number of simultaneously visible alert windows

We’ve added a new property (FormMaxCount) that will help with this. Note: you can create more alert windows than FormMaxCount would seem to allow, however it’s the number of visible windows that is limited by this property. Other alert windows you create are regarded as “postponed”. Once a visible window gets hidden, one of postponed windows is promoted to be displayed in its place.

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