VCL Gauges – new capabilities in v15.1

15 June 2015

Back in v14.2 of DevExpress VCL we introduced a set of gauges that would help you be more visually expressive with pertinent and important information in your apps and in your dashboards. Well, it should come as no surprise that we’ve expanded on that foundation for v15.1.

New Gauge Styles

Our designer had a spare few hours and went overboard: we’ve added six new gauge styles for v15.1. They are called Clever, Cosmic, Eco, Red, Shining Dark, and Silver Blur, and of those six, my personal favorite would have to be Eco:

VCL Gauge Control: Eco Style v15.1

The things I really like about this style are the subtle off-white gradient background and the light green needles. A very eco-friendly style, indeed.

Tickmarks on Circular Gauges

Here’s a subtle enhancement for you here: we’ve added the ability to customize the orientation of the tickmark labels. Along with this change we’ve improved the algorithm that positions tickmarks with long labels.

VCL Gauge Control: Customizable Label Orientation in v15-1

In this case a picture is definitely worth a thousand words, since even we had the hardest problem coming up with one/two-word descriptions of these for the enumeration...

Digital Scale Enhancements

For the digital scales for v15.1, we’ve added a couple of new display modes (8x14 and 5x8 segment matrices) and the ability to adjust the spacing between characters.

VCL Gauge Control: Digital Scale at 8x14 in v15-1

This image shows off the 8x14 character matrix.

Other Enhancements

1. You now have the option of animating the indicator or needle.


2. There is a new three-quarter circular gauge.


3. We’ve added the Wide Circular type.


4. Gauges can now have a logarithmic scale. Hey, this take me back: it’s just like a slide rule!


5. You can now define and display your own custom scale captions.


6. There is now a container control for gauges. This not only allows you to group a set of gauges together, but also gives you the opportunity to simultaneously resize them as you resize the container.


Design-time Enhancements

We’ve added a couple of enhancements to help designing with gauges:

  • Ability to create nested scales using the scale's on-form context menu
  • Ability to copy and resize scales using drag and drop
  • On-form selectors for range bars


And with that long list of enhancements, I’m sure you’ll find even better ways for your app or dashboard to display significant information, and allow your users to understand it at a glance.

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