Windows 7 support for DirectX in WinForms

20 November 2017

Three weeks ago, at the start of our beta period for v17.2, I described a fascinating new feature for our data grid in WinForms: sidestepping GDI+ and going straight to DirectX for way faster rendering. At the time I mentioned that, unfortunately, it was limited to apps running under Windows 8 or later.

Well, no more. I am delighted to announce that this new direct-to-DirectX support is now available for grids in apps that run on Windows 7 as well. It’s there in the current version, no need to wait for the next minor.


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Engº Silvio Cruz
Engº Silvio Cruz

This are Excelent news i've look for this change to issui GDI+ performance for years....

21 November 2017
Edhy Rijo
Edhy Rijo

Hi Julian,

Great news, thanks.  We still have a lot of users with Windows 7 and this optimization will be well receive.

22 November 2017
Charalampos Michael
Charalampos Michael

Dear Julian,

 Why not Direct X for VCL ?

Thank you

4 December 2017

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