DevExpress Universal v18.2 released

15 November 2018

I am pleased to announce that we have just released DevExpress Universal v18.2. As usual, Universal includes our suites for WinForms, the assorted varieties of ASP.NET, WPF, UWP, as well as DevExtreme. CodeRush Ultimate has also been updated.

For what’s new in this release, please go to this page and read all about the new features and enhancements across all the platforms and run-times. Also – a handy hint that I learned a couple of weeks ago – you can always navigate to and see what’s new in the latest version, whichever version number that happens to be.

As usual, we’ve listed the Resolved Issues introduced in this release. That page also enables you to review the changes we’ve made from any release to any other.

For every major release, no matter how hard we try and minimize the impact, some new features and enhancements are bound to cause a few breaking changes. You can read about the v18.2 breaking changes here.

Over the past year, via surveys, chatting with customers at conferences, reviewing comments and support tickets, we have concentrated hard on trying to find out what our customers want from our products going forward. Also, more than ever before, we’ve endeavored to publish relevant posts on what we are doing and how we aim to move forward. We now cover a lot of platforms with our components, and given the news from the open source community and from Microsoft (.NET Core 3, anyone?), I find we need valuable feedback from our customers more than ever.

I’d certainly like to thank everyone who provided feedback on our products throughout 2018, who used and tested the beta and provided information on the issues they found, and, of course, to all our customers who use our products every day. In my mind, it’s clear-cut: we would never be able to produce such robust and full-featured controls without all of this invaluable help. We are confident that the new controls, features, and enhancements in v18.2 will validate your trust in our products.

(PS: VCL Subscription customers: the v18.2 release is on its way…)

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Hedi Guizani

Great job guys


.Net Core, .net core 3 desktop extension, Blazor, asynchronous winform, more asynchronous XPO.

and more features for XAF...

.Net is moving and 19.xx will be a chalange for everyone ;)

15 November, 2018
Mark Bissett 1

Some great additions to WinForms but no mention of the ability to load geo-coded images such as aerial photographs into the mapping (without building a tile server layer). It was mentioned in the road map earlier this year for the 18.2 release. Any news on this? Many thanks.

15 November, 2018
Claudio Piffer 1

Hi Julian

thank you very much to you and all team of DevExpress for the quality, stability and great products.

For .NET I would love to see in the year 2019 the support of ,NET Core 3!

For Delphi I would like to see more "balance" between the VCL components and the .NET (WinForm and WPF) components. To see professional components for FMX. I know that the delphi market is lower than the .NET market but considers that it is a market that is growing ... and a lot too

"(PS: VCL Subscription customers: the v18.2 release is on its way…)"


15 November, 2018
Teksdata Yazılım ve Otomasyon Sistemleri Ltd. Sti.

We are waiting VCL components with excitement !!!!

15 November, 2018
Charalampos Michael

My hamble opinion is that DevExpress is responsible too for this kind of Difference between .net and delphi. My guess is that if they focused in Delphi like the do with .Net we wouldn't speak about such margin now. Imagine if DevExpress released FMX components before 4-5 years how the market would it be now ? My guess not that much as we see ...

So when DevExpress releases those quality FMX components will make things better for Delphi again! (which mean much more sales on subscriptions and updates)

My dream is that one day i'll be writing "one code" and "one UI" for Win/Mac/Linux using DevExpress! :)

15 November, 2018
Claudio Piffer 1

Hi Charalampos Michael

This is also my dream ;-)

15 November, 2018
Raul Rodriguez

Great job once again! Congratulations and thank you!

What will be important for us (no special order):

- Continue the investment in WinForms

- Create a Gantt component for WinForms like the one for WPF (or for DevExtreme)

- Add more components to DevExtreme (ideally with Angular integration or as Web Components)

15 November, 2018
Gregory Waeyaert

When is the VCL version coming ?

16 November, 2018

Could you please let me know whether the current DevExpress 7.1 version will support .NET Framework 4.5?

We have the DevExpress components in my project and it is working with .NET 4.5 .But the application is migrating to new cloud platform with increase in Memory and CPU.The new OS will be Windows 12 R2.Let me know whether the DevExpress will work with .Net 4.5 in new platform?

19 November, 2018
Stephen J White

.NET Core 3 desktop and server side Blazor support are on my wish list for next year.

Oh and a version of The Bezier or a Windows 10 theme for WPF would be great. :D

I said this once, I'll say it again, I really like what you've done with 18.2. Thanks again!

28 November, 2018

any v18.2 offline installation package available?

28 November, 2018
Ralf Grenzing

+1 for .NET Core 3 desktop via WPF and  Blazor support

30 November, 2018
Stefano Paparesta

Xamarin components ? When...


16 December, 2018

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