Visual Studio 2019 and .NET Core 3 Support

20 December 2018

I am pleased to announce that DevExpress Universal v18.2.4, which we just published, has added full support for the new Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1 release.

Although this is excellent news, do please note that we know of three issues (so far!) with VS2019 that you may run into. For more information, see here:

Also please be warned that you will undoubtedly see this notification from VS2019: “Visual Studio has detected one or more extensions that are at risk of not functioning in a future VS update. Click 'Learn more' for next steps.”. This is nothing to be worried about - we know about it, and it will be fixed in the near future.

Anyway, in further news, this release will also provide support for the current preview version of .NET Core 3. (Another warning: not only is .NET Core 3 in preview, but also our support for it is. Here Be Dragons!) To show off this support we have uploaded modified versions of both the “Outlook Inspired” (WPF & WinForms) and “Stock Market” (WinForms only) demos to GitHub.


Each repository has a README with instructions on how to compile and run these demos, as well as how to create your own DevExpress-based projects that target the .NET Core 3 framework.

I warn you as well that if you are using XAF and XPO, they do not at the time of writing support .NET Core 3. The team continues to research what's needed to provide such support in XPO and XAF WinForms/SPA apps. The coverage of various features in those frameworks strongly depends on the supported .NET APIs provided by .NET Core 3, and when they're introduced (for instance, at the moment, no ASP.NET WebForms, pruned WCF support, etc.). XPO already supports the .NET Standard 2.0 specification and can be used in .NET Core 2 apps, so we do not expect that our .NET Core 3 tests will take long.

I, for one, am excited about these new enhancements, especially the .NET Core 3 support. Of course, along with everything else we do, we’re ready to hear about what you think of it all. Your feedback prompts and encourages us to improve our controls. So, what do you think? Will you be using .NET Core 3? What about VS2019? Let us know.

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Great news! You are awesome.

20 December, 2018
Darren Rose

great work, looking forward to full .NET Core 3 support for you WinForms controls

20 December, 2018
Darren Rose

P.S. your links above both point to the same page


Both point to T701724

20 December, 2018
Luiz A D R Marques

I am definitely interested in both .Net Core 3 and VS 2019...

21 December, 2018
Andrzej Wloszczynski

Hopefully you will be able to add support for Razor Components (server side Blazor) which will be part of ASP.NET Core 3.0.

27 December, 2018
Arjan van Dijk

Yes, Blazor will be cool!!!

28 December, 2018
David Speak

Agreed - Blazor is going to be huge! A nice set of basic Razor Components would be fantastic.

3 January, 2019
Sven Glöckner 1

You *must* invest in Blazor. Please make DevExtreme widgets full compatible with Blazor. Blazor is definitely the next big thing in web development. We are currently focusing on Blazor apps for mobile and Intranet apps.

Blazor will be released as Razor Components with .NET Core 3.0

Just my 2 ct.



8 January, 2019
YouSoft Vietnam


14 January, 2019
Vladislav Kiselev

+1 for Blazor support.

We have plans to use it in our future apps

22 March, 2019
Marcelo G. Fonseca

I really like the DeveExpres components, but the expectation is great to know when we will have Devexpress Razor Componets / Blazor? What is the forecast for the launch?

29 March, 2019

yeah, i like it too!

3 April, 2019
Alexander Bülow


i just tried to compile our Application on .NET Core with your Preview, got following error:

error MC3074: The tag 'ReportDesigner' does not exist in XML namespace ' Line 16 Position 10.

Is the reportdesigner not part of the package?

14 April, 2019

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