DevExpress Universal v19.1 released

21 May 2019

I am pleased to announce the release of DevExpress Universal v19.1. This release includes our platform suites for WinForms, WPF, UWP, the assorted varieties of ASP.NET, as well as DevExtreme. CodeRush has also been updated. TestCafe Studio was released about a month ago. As is usual, however, the new version of our VCL Subscription will be released in a couple of weeks' time.

For what’s new in this release — and there have been many enhancements and new features across the board — please go to this page. Also, you can always navigate to and see what’s new in the latest version, whichever version number that happens to be.

As usual, we’ve listed the Resolved Issues introduced in this release. That page also enables you to review the changes we’ve made from any release to any other.

For every major release, no matter how hard we try and minimize the impact, some new features and enhancements are bound to cause a few breaking changes. You can read about the v19.1 breaking changes here.

As with every year recently, by publishing surveys, chatting with customers at conferences, reviewing comments and support tickets, we have focused hard on trying to ascertain what our customers want from our products going forward. Also, we’ve continued to publish relevant posts on what we are doing and how we aim to move forward. We now cover a lot of platforms with our components, and given the news from the open source community and from Microsoft, we need valuable feedback from our customers more than ever before.

I’d certainly like to thank everyone who provided feedback on our products throughout this year, who used and tested the beta and provided information on the issues they found, and, of course, to all our customers who use our products every day. In my mind, it’s clear-cut: we would never be able to produce such robust and full-featured controls without all of this invaluable help. We are confident that the new controls, features, and enhancements in v19.1 will validate your trust in our products.

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