Video: Creating an ASP.NET Blog Engine – Part 2

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02 July 2014

The second episode of my webinar series called “Creating an ASP.NET Blog Engine” is now available on YouTube:

In this episode, I demonstrated what responsive web-design is and explained how to setup a responsive ASP.NET Master page with the Skeleton CSS boilerplate. I also showed you how to use the ASPxMenu and the ASPxPopupControl in a responsive site.

Throughout this webinar I coded some CSS to get a basic web-design into our blog engine including CSS media queries which allowed us to define different looks on various devices.


As a developer, my interest is in the business logic behind a site rather than in its web-design. Having said that, of course I like it if my projects look good!

Boilerplates and frameworks like Skeleton and Bootstrap give a developer the power to setup webpages that look good on any device.

All of our ASP.NET controls can be used in conjunction with these boilerplates and frameworks. Some controls work without any coding at all, and some of them require a bit of coding depending on the (desired) functionality.

Why create a Blog Engine?

I have picked the Blog Engine because it is a really small abstract of what I have been building over the last couple of years which is a full blown content management system CMS2GO.
It covers a broad range of web development from data model to implementing a web-design including the use of some really cool DevExpress ASP.NET controls like the ASPxImageGallery, ASPxPopupControl and ASPxEditors.

Make sure you register for episode 3 of 3. I will bind together what we covered in episodes 1 and 2 and show everything working together. I will introduce the ASPxFormLayout and ASPxImageGallery controls, I’ll show you how to select data from our persistent objects and you will see how to insert and update data through eXpress Persistent Objects.

In case you missed episode 1, you can find it here.

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