DevExtreme 2019 Roadmap – User Interface & Data Entry Widgets – Your Vote Counts

24 December 2018
We are hoping to finalize our 2019 Roadmap in the coming weeks. Your feedback will help us prioritize activities and ensure that our resources are allocated effectively.  
Note – The DevExtreme 2019 Roadmap Survey is divided into four separate blog posts.

Performance Enhancements 

Improved Code Splitting

The popular Code Splitting technique helps web developers improve app performance. To help maximize the benefits associated with Code Splitting, we hope to organize DevExtreme into smaller/functionality specific modules (for instance, we want to give you the option to use a read-only Data Grid without bundling any of its data editing features). 
We also want to make our CSS modular. You’ll be able to bundle only those styles/features being used in your app.

Virtual Scrolling and Lazy Loading Everywhere 

The vast majority of DevExtreme users work with large datasets (from thousands to millions of records). These datasets are rendered as lists within our controls. Our DataGrid supports virtual scrolling with lazy data loading. We’d like to make this feature available everywhere. This feature can be applied to the following list of widgets: 
  • TreeList 
  • TreeView 
  • Scheduler 
  • PivotGrid 
  • Lists 
  • DropDowns & Lookups 
  • Header filters 
  • Column choosers 
You can read more about virtual scrolling here

DataGrid & TreeList 

Excel-Like Editing Mode 

We announced this feature in our 2018 Roadmap but it wasn’t ready to ship when v18.2 was released. We have received useful feedback on this feature and are going to ship it in v19.1. 

Accessibility Enhancements 

In v18.2, we improved the DataGrid’s keyboard navigation capabilities with our ‘focused row’ feature. We now want to address remaining accessibility gaps. We will make it possible to navigate to and work with any existing DataGrid and TreeList element (such as grouping, sorting, paging) via the keyboard. 

Record Reordering 

We’ll give you the ability to reorder DataGrid rows and change TreeList parent-child node relationships via drag-and-drop. 

Cross-Component Drag-and-Drop 

Some business scenarios require that users move items from one collection to another or from one hierarchy to another. We hope to support cross-component item drag-and-drop operations. 


Remote Data Paging

At present, if you expand a node, the TreeList loads all child nodes and then paginates them locally. We want to give you the option to load nodes individually. This feature will work with both the pager control and through virtual scrolling - Just like our DataGrid.

New Filtering Modes

We’ll hope to extend the filtering capabilities of the TreeList with the following features:
  • Enable search only through tree leaves.
  • Include filtered nodes children into filter results.


Adaptivity & UX Enhancements

We want to enhance our Scheduler to look and behave better on small screens (mobile devices). You can find some examples of this adaptive behavior in its ASP.NET counterpart here. If you’ve encountered specific usability issues with DevExtreme Scheduler, please share them with us.

Performance - Virtual Scrolling

To help improve overall performance and usability, we hope to add a new virtual scrolling mode to our Scheduler widget. When enabled, only visible appointments will be rendered. 

Standalone Recurrence Editor

We have a recurrence editor that is a part of the Scheduler appointment form and can’t be used separately. We expect to ship the Recurrence editor as a standalone control in 2019.

HTML/Markdown Editor

Multiline Toolbar

At present, Toolbar items are hidden within a dropdown menu on small screens. If the number of items is large (as it is in the HtmlEditor) the menu gets too long and becomes difficult to use. We’ll introduce one more adaptive mode that will create a second horizontal line of toolbar items instead of creating a dropdown menu.

Tables Support

We’ll give you the ability to insert and edit data tables.

Mentions Support (via @)

‘Mentions’ allow you select users or user groups by typing @ when composing rich text content. It’s widely used in team collaboration tools and project management applications.

Inline Formatting Toolbar

You’ll be able to reveal an inline formatting toolbar when selecting content that requires formatting.

Resize of Media Blocks

We’ll give you the ability to resize images and video blocks via the mouse.

Upload Images via Drag-and-Drop & Copy/Paste

You will be able to embed images as base64-formatted content or upload it to a web server via drag-and-drop or copy-paste actions and reference it as a URL.


Node Reordering

Change parent-child relationships of TreeView nodes via drag-and-drop.

Cross-Component Nodes Drag-and-Drop

Move a node from one hierarchy to another using drag-and-drop.

Data Editors

Additional Action Buttons

Extend built-in editor action buttons with custom actions. You can find some examples here.

Data Form

Dynamic Updates Without a Full Re-render

We recently added partial update support to several DevExtreme widgets. This update can also be applied to the Form widget (for those who dynamically update forms and do not want to initiate a full form re-render).

New Drag-and-Drop Utilities

We want to create a drag-and-drop utilities library so you can construct custom drag-and-drop functionality outside of our UI widgets. One such usage scenario involves list sorting. We’ll make it extremely easy to implement such functionality.

New Kanban Board Widget

Kanban Board has become an essential control for task and project management in modern business web applications.

New Dropdown Button Widget

A button with a built-in dropdown menu. You can find this kind of widget in many modern web applications.  Please, refer to the Bootstrap implementation for an example.

New Floating Button Widget

The concept of a Floating Button began with Material Design guidelines. We’ll support a simple Floating Button and a Floating Button with a pop-up menu.

Data Export

Export to PDF

Export to Excel in TreeList

We want to give you the option to export the contents of the TreeList control to XLSX files. You’ll be able to choose whether to export all or only selected records. 

Export to Excel Customization Enhancements

We recently enhanced our Export to Excel feature with cell appearance customization. Which of these additional export customization capabilities do you need (pick up to 3 items)?

WYSIWYG Export to Excel

If you create conditional format rules within the DataGrid, you may want it applied to exported sheets as well. You can now achieve this manually. We want to introduce WYSIWYG export capabilities in 2019. You'll have a single customization point for the data-aware control UI and the corresponding exported Excel sheet.

Data Layer

OData v4 Support

OData v4 support enables remote grouping and summary operations within DevExtreme controls -  improving performance when using large datasets.

GraphQL Support

Seamlessly bind DevExtreme controls to your GraphQL API end-points.


Element and Font Size Customization

DevExtreme includes a ‘compact’ and ‘regular’ theme sets. Our users find the ‘compact’ themes very useful when generating a highly dense, data-intensive UI. We've received a number of requests for a compact Material theme. What are your thoughts?

IE11 Support

IE11 support consumes resources – resources that can be allocated to new features and products. Would you have any objections if we were to drop official support for IE11 in 2019?

28 comment(s)
Leontiev Alexey

make support for web components

25 December, 2018
Arjan van Dijk

Support for Blazor?

25 December, 2018
Konstantin Balashov

+1 for Kanban Board !!!

26 December, 2018
Vladislav Kiselev

A lot of great things!

Blazor support will be very interesting.

26 December, 2018
Abdu Bukres 3

Do not spend your valuable resources on supporting Blazor. Not yet. It's an experimental project and it's not yet ready for production use. Let's find out first if it will be a popular product used by businesses and individuals. We are excited about it but it's still in flux.

I am much more interested in seeing export master detail rows to Excel. Something like the export in your ASP.NET GridView.

26 December, 2018
Fabiano Castro 2

+1 for Kanban Board !!!

27 December, 2018
Fabiano Castro 2

+1 Additional Action Buttons

Is very important to me :)

27 December, 2018
Mohsen Abo-Ghaly

We want to use DevExtreme in our future applications, but again.. where are the reports?

27 December, 2018
Brad Baker - MMC

Another vote for Blazor controls.  Need to get out of this horrid JS world.

28 December, 2018
Rick Mathers

+1 for Blazor

28 December, 2018
Nafis Suhari

Have a Great Work !!!!....

1 January, 2019
Nafis Suhari

Have a Great Work !!!!....

1 January, 2019

Drop Down Box

1、support autocomplete with custom filed(Single、Multiple Selection)

2、support embed TreeList and other control with it

3、support corrent z-index with bootstrap 3.x model

4、fix Multiple Selection dropdown panel height bugs


1、support drag and drop row and column with native method(not jquery ui)

2 January, 2019

+1 for Scheduler adaptivity, of course :)

6 January, 2019
Moritz B.

+1 for any OData improvements

TileView with OData remote paging ?

or a CardView for DataGrids ?

6 January, 2019

Not comment from Microsoft for Blazor, than don't waste your time.

7 January, 2019
Opus 5K

Great work, some nice enhancements planned!  Please add exports to PDF for DataGrid and PivotGrid; lack of support for this is causing us all kinds of grief at the moment.

9 January, 2019
Oscar Lito M Pablo

Drag-and-drop support, both within the DataGrid (DnD rows to reorder them) and between/among widgets, and the DnD Utility library, are MUST-HAVES. Some of your competitors offered this capability years ago.

9 January, 2019
Zein Sweis

DevExtreme Grid:

1/One great additional feature to this grid would be conditional formatting similar to WPF/Silverlight grid where end user can set conditions/rules and see results immediately on the grid.

2/Ability to copy rows in the grid as a standard feature (like add, save, delete)

3/ Sort rows by drag drop within the grid

9 January, 2019
Chris OLeary

The Organisation Chart control available in ASPX and the desktop controls would be brilliant for DevExtreme.

9 January, 2019

Would still like the clear "X" button option in a lookup so you can clear the value without having to open the lookup!

10 January, 2019
Laurent BOHEAS

- A better custom widget integration with TypeScript with a full refactoring of code and lightweight HTML generated (too many div in div in div in div...)

- devextreme is too big for small connectivity

- scss styles integration for each component

- Remove duplicates in styles (ex: focus color or font-size on multiple component...) hard to change everywhere... A sccs file with variables could be very usefull

- The possibility to create component without main element attached to DOM or not visible

- More and more components ...

10 January, 2019

By FAR the biggest weakness in DevExtreme is the lack of scss styles for each component separately. My workflow is I have to export the huge css from the theme generator, slice out all the stuff I don't use, and then OVERRIDE to get our "theme" on it.

You need to separate the structural stuff, from the theme parts, all in .scss sheets separately.

11 January, 2019
James Case

Implement components from WebForms/MVC offering, i.e. File Manager, Docking, etc.

For anyone that has used these and want to move to new web development scenarios like Core or just to a client-side model, our choices are to (1) be suck where we are (2) use a competing or free solution for the missing pieces, or (3) develop ourselves.   All three of those choices are "one step forward, one step back" and run contrary to the reason for using your components in the first place.  

Please know that we absolutely love your company and your products, but this is a frustration for us.   If you don't plan on supporting those components in DevExtreme, that that would be good to know too, with possibly a recommendation for a (open source)  replacement.

14 January, 2019
ProFound Software

Please implement form is dirty process... to be able to check, if form is modified and be able to reset it to initial state...

Plus Blazor is i think is way of the future.

18 January, 2019
Alex B (DevExpress)


Thank you for your feedback. We are about to publish our final Roadmap. Regarding Blazor support - we are considering introducing it once it gets more stable and its future becomes clearer.

18 January, 2019
Vladislav Kiselev

Please implement onRowDoubleClick event for DxDataGrid / DxTreeList.

At the moment we (and other developers) must use a crutch and this annoys a lot (for example, reaction on this simulated doubleclick varies from browser to browser and from environment to environment):

Please take into account that first request for this feature was in 2014 (as Google shows). Now is 2019.

20 January, 2019
Matthieu Penant

Would be nice to have a component like Gridster: . Devexpress Dashboard is really good as complete solution, but it would be nice to be able to create our own dashboard based on DevExtreme Components.

28 February, 2019

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