CodeRush - 2021 Roadmap

Here's what you can expect from the IDE Tools Team in 2021:

CodeRush for Visual Studio

We continue to invest heavily in CodeRush for Visual Studio. In 2021 we expect to focus on productivity, ease of access, discoverability, performance and stability.

  • Performance Stability. This year we expect to continue to prioritize product quality and performance. If we can improve the quality or the performance of existing features, we will.
  • Refactorings - most of our customers consider CodeRush refactorings crucial to daily development. We expect to invest in powerful new refactorings this year (as well as porting older refactorings from CodeRush Classic). For refactorings that operate at a type or file level, we are looking to add: Move File to Matching Folder, Extract Method to Type, Encapsulate Field, Make Member Static, and Move Member to Static Class. For refactorings that operate on a method level, we anticipate adding: Property to Method(s)Introduce Result VariableRemove Redundant Call, Replace Temp with Query, and Initialize Conditionally. And for VB developers we expect to add Create With Statement, Collapse Conditional, and Expand Conditional.
  • Navigation - we'll be enhancing Tab to Next Reference, making it easy to filter results by what's happening in the code at each reference location, allowing you to more quickly visit every matching location of interest. We'll also be adding a smart relational node navigation that we're excited to bring to our own development.
  • Discoverability - we want to make it easier to assimilate and access everything CodeRush can do for you. With that goal in mind, we expect to make every CodeRush feature, tool window, and options page easier to access and understand.
  • Code Cleanup & Formatting - many of you rely upon CodeRush's code cleanup and formatting features in your daily work. We expect to continue to invest in this technology, making it easier to both configure and preview code cleanup results on your code. We also expect to support StyleCop settings out of the box. And we'll be working to ensure CodeRush options operate seamlessly with settings in .editorconfig files and Visual Studio.
  • Blazor Development - We expect to introduce more templates to support common Blazor development scenarios, and add more refactorings, code providers, code cleanup and formatting in razor files in both code sections and markup.
  • New Tech - we are researching new technology expected to open up even more CodeRush & Visual Studio power with significantly less physical and mental effort. If we can get it to work we'll consider it a major breakthrough (these don't happen often). We hope to be blogging about this soon. 

CodeRush Tools for VS Code

CodeRush Code Templates technology will come to VS Code, with a focus on supporting React developers. Early access to CodeRush template support will be free and will augment the free navigation tools we've already brought to VS Code.

Thanks For Your Support

If you have any questions about our 2021 Roadmap or if you’d like to discuss your development needs further, please post a comment below. We’ll be happy to follow up.

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