Xamarin.Forms Are Available Free-of-Charge, Transition to Multi-Platform App UI (.NET MAUI)

Use Xamarin Forms Today

Got some good news for those of you considering our Xamarin.Forms product line - while we wait for .NET MAUI’s official release, all DevExpress Xamarin UI controls are available free-of-charge. If you are still targeting Xamarin.Forms and you’d like to explore the capabilities of our Xamarin.Forms control library, feel free to reserve your free copy today (note, official support services are not included in this offer).

If you have never seen or used our Xamarin.Forms UI controls, please review our  YouTube videos and our online documentation for more information. Again, to reserve your free copy of our Xamarin.Forms UI suite, simply point your browser to: devexpress.com/xamarin/free-offer

For more information, please refer to our Xamarin UI Controls Frequently Asked Questions

And Get Ready for .NET MAUI Tomorrow

If you’re using Xamarin.Forms today, MAUI should be a painless transition as it represents the evolution of Xamarin.Forms – the two platforms have many similarities (more below).

.NET MAUI simplifies the choices for .NET developers, providing a single stack that supports all modern workloads: Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. The native features of each platform and UI control are within reach in a simple, cross-platform API for you to deliver no-compromise user experiences while sharing even more code than before.

As you may already know, Microsoft is set to ship .NET MAUI in November. Like you, we can’t wait for the official release and are working to port our existing suite of Xamarin.Forms UI controls to the .NET MAUI platform. For more information, please refer to .NET MAUI - FREE Early Access Preview of Multi-Platform App UI Controls (v21.2).

If you are curious about technical details, here is our experience with MAUI. We forked https://github.com/dotnet/maui and explored standard MAUI "Handlers" such as Label, Button, etc. Then, we implemented a MAUI “Handler” for our chart control (see the screenshot below). Good news is that most of our native control internals remain unchanged (as expected). To complete the MAUI migration process, we expect to use the same technique - convert our Xamarin.Forms "Renderers" to MAUI "Handlers”. BTW, we love the new "Handler" technique and interaction with objects using interfaces in MAUI. The only major things missing at this point are rich Visual Studio support and debugging capabilities on Mac, but that is coming in the future.

Overall, our MAUI experience so far is very close to that promised by Microsoft:

Xamarin.Forms developers will hit the ground running with new projects in .NET MAUI, using all the same controls and APIs they have grown to know and love. As we get closer to the .NET MAUI launch, In order to help developers make a smooth transition of existing apps to .NET MAUI we intend to provide try-convert support and migration guides similar to what we have today for migrating to .NET Core.

If you are currently using Xamarin.Forms, considering MAUI, or just investigating your options, feel free to comment below, we’ll be happy to follow-up. And before you ask, we have not finalized our product delivery model for MAUI – we may continue to offer our MAUI controls free of charge or we may bundle them with an existing DevExpress Subscription.

Your Feedback Counts!

Should you have any questions about our plans for .NET MAUI, feel free to email info@devexpress.com. Thanks for considering DevExpress for your development needs.

Free DevExpress Products – Get Your Copy Today

The following free DevExpress product offers remain available. Should you have any questions about the free offers below, please submit a ticket via the DevExpress Support Center at your convenience. We’ll be happy to follow-up.
Alfred Rakgole 2
Alfred Rakgole 2
Thank you for the free offer. With 21.1 just around the corner,
will the free offer support 21.1 or it is locked to 20.2?
13 May 2021
Thank you for the offer!!
14 May 2021
Marden Rodrigues
Marden Rodrigues
14 May 2021
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis Garavsky (DevExpress)

>will the free offer support 21.1

Sure, it supports v21.1. For more information on what is coming, refer to https://www.devexpress.com/Subscriptions/New-2021-1.xml#xamarin.

14 May 2021

Could you please tell me which is the difference between CollectionView and DataGridView ? Is one of them more preferable for perfomrance reasons?

14 May 2021
Thanks for free offer
14 May 2021
Tobias Johansson
Tobias Johansson
What we need is controls for Uno Platform and Avalonia UI. Xamarin and Maui suchs!
15 May 2021
Mike E (DevExpress)
Mike E (DevExpress)

>Could you please tell me which is the difference between CollectionView and DataGridView ? Is one of them more preferable for perfomrance reasons?

DXCollectionView and DataGridView use similar virtualization engine so their performance is almost the same.

The key difference between these controls is that DXCollectionView displays items from the bound collection in a simple list whereas the DataGridView displays its data in a tabular view. As a result, DXCollectionView and DataGridView have different appearance and different sets of API.

17 May 2021
Jose Vargem
Jose Vargem

Good afternoon,

I'm a litle confuse.

I did a small project with blazor and I loved it. Then I read that we can create apps mobile with mobile blazor bindings.

My question is, dot net maui will replace mobile blazor bindings?

Witch the best way to create mobile apps with blazor?

I appreciate your clarification.




18 May 2021
Mario Blatarić
Mario Blatarić

This is great. 

I love DevExpress is on track with MAUI - it gives more chance to this new platform which I have been waiting for like a decade :-) 

As I understand, Blazor and MAUI will play nice together which gives a complete web/mobile/multi platform .NET development environment - finally. 

Is XAF on MAUI too much of a dream? :-) 

19 May 2021
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis Garavsky (DevExpress)

@Jose Vargem:
 was and is still in 'experimental' mode – as Microsoft offers more MAUI related info, we’ll be certain to update our users. Our hope is to have more news about this and also Blazor Desktop at the end of this year.

@Mario Blatarić:
Unfortunately, we have neither looked into MAUI for XAF nor do we plan to do so this year. For 
2021, XAF's focus was and still is on ASP.NET Core Blazor (please see our roadmap for more info).


20 May 2021
These controls are looking great, and in both light and dark themes, much better than some of the other suites available. Looking forward to more controls in MAUI :)
23 May 2021
Carl Franklin here. I'm currently building a Xamarin Forms app one piece at a time on my new video series, The .NET Show (https://thedotnetshow.com). Come hang out with me and my friends!
24 May 2021
Huy Nguyễn Xuân
Huy Nguyễn Xuân
Your xamarin forms controls are amazing, more than expected.
I'm still waiting for the combobox tool that allows the user to enter a value outside of ItemsSource.
Thank you to the talented developers who came to us all night.
3 July 2021
Xamarin Data Form uses Enum in the drop-down list, this is extremely inconvenient, since it assumes static content, is it possible to replace it with List<>
30 July 2021
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis Garavsky (DevExpress)
@Huy Nguyễn Xuân: Thank you for your feedback - my team and I will take it into account.

@Customer208444: DataFormComboBoxItem  has the ItemsSource  property. What do you think about it?
1 October 2021
7 October 2021
Team Aries
Team Aries
I have clicked on the link several times, but I haven't received that offer yet.  Can I just get it on an alternate email address?
12 October 2021
Andrey Marten (DevExpress Support)
Andrey Marten (DevExpress Support)


The corresponding email notification was already sent to your primary email and the license should be assigned to your account. Log in to our website and open the Download Manager page to check this: https://www.devexpress.com/ClientCenter/DownloadManager/.

Should you encounter any issues, please create a ticket in our Support Center (https://devexpress.com/ask), so we can process your inquiry in the most efficient manner.



12 October 2021

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18 October 2021
Christopher Jay
Christopher Jay
Can you offer any insight on how difficult of a transition it would be to go from Winforms to MAUI?  Will there be ANY kind of converters available as far as you know?  Thanks!
16 November 2021
Uy Suy
Could you advice if we can keep using Xamarin forms first while MAUI still new ?
2 December 2021

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