DevExpress UI Controls Support the Latest Microsoft .NET MAUI Preview 10

As of last Friday, our .NET MAUI controls fully support Microsoft Preview 10. If you’re ready to install the latest version of Microsoft’s .NET MAUI platform, please review the following post:

To install the latest version of DevExpress .NET MAUI controls, please review the following help topic:

If you’d like to see what’s possible with our .NET MAUI controls, please check out our .NET MAUI sample app for iOS and Android: Stock Market App for .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) (Part 1).

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Get the Best of Two Mobile Worlds Using One NuGet Feed

As you can see below, our Xamarin Forms UI components are also available free-of-charge. If you’ve obtained our Xamarin UI controls in the past, your personal NuGet feed will also include our latest .NET MAUI controls.

Your Feedback Counts!

If you are currently using Xamarin Forms, considering MAUI, or just investigating your options, feel free to comment below, we’ll be happy to follow-up. Thanks for considering DevExpress for your development needs.

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