The Future of the DevExpress Xamarin.Forms Controls

Microsoft recently announced that Xamarin-related support services will end on May 1, 2024 (Microsoft also announced that it will shift development focus to the .NET MAUI platform). Based on Microsoft’s decision, we highly recommend those using Xamarin.Forms to consider our .NET MAUI Component Suite for existing/new mobile projects. DevExpress .NET MAUI components support many of the features/capabilities available in Xamarin.Forms counterparts.

Migration Learning Materials

Please refer to the following learning materials for more information on the migration process:

Help Topic: Migration

Our Migrate from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI help topic documents relevant migration steps, lists API changes, and includes links to breaking changes.

GitHub Example: Migrate a Xamarin.Forms Application to .NET MAUI

Our GitHub Example details the migration process. This particular example includes two branches:

  • 21.2.3+: Includes a Xamarin.Forms Data Grid example.
  • 22.2.3-maui+ : Includes the same application but uses our .NET MAUI Controls instead.

To visualize changes made, we have created a Migrate from Xamarin.Forms to MAUI pull request.

The repository’s description contains the following information:

  • Steps you should take to migrate an application.
  • Code you should update in each step.
  • Code we updated to address breaking API changes.

The image below illustrates the application structure of the resulting .NET MAUI app.

Migrated Project Structure

Microsoft Upgrade Assistant

Microsoft's Upgrade Assistant allows you to convert your Xamarin.Forms application to .NET MAUI, but since the tool is a work in progress, you may encounter issues during the conversion process.

This nothwithstanding, the Upgrade Assistant can save time once you decide to migrate your app - especially when migrating a big/complex project. If you decide to use the Upgrade Assistant, you should still update DevExpress control references, xaml namespaces, usings in code behind, and address breaking API changes.

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