Important Changes to NuGet Packages and the Unified Component / .NET Core Desktop Product Installers (v21.1)

16 April 2021

Applies To

  • DevExpress WinForms, WPF and XAF developers who expect to build .NET Core desktop apps in our v21.1+ release cycle.
  • DevExpress WPF developers who expect to build .NET Framework desktop apps and use WPF controls via NuGet (not via assembly references) in our v21.1+ release cycle.

No Action Is Required If

  • You build .NET Framework WinForms and web apps (ASP.NET MVC or Web Forms or HTML/JavaScript)
  • You build .NET Core web apps (ASP.NET Core MVC or Blazor).
  • You build .NET Framework WPF apps and use DevExpress WPF controls via assembly references (not via NuGet).
  • You build .NET Core WinForms and WPF apps using DevExpress technologies, but do not expect to upgrade to v21.1+.

What Changed & Migration Instructions

  • With our v21.1+ release, desktop NuGet packages will include both .NET Core Desktop and .NET Framework assemblies. DevExpress.WindowsDesktop.* NuGet packages will not be available for v21.1+ as in earlier versions.
  • Our Unified Component Installer (v21.1+) will include libraries, demos, source code and tools for .NET Core Desktop development (installation size has grown by 20 MB). We recommend this installation option as it includes everything you need for .NET Framework, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core and JavaScript development.
  • If you’ve already used the Unified Component Installer above, you cannot use our .NET Core Desktop Product Installer v21.1+ (since no reason exists to do so). We anticipate that this installer will only be used by those targeting .NET Core WinForms or WPF apps.

For complete change log, reasons for change and migration instructions, please refer to this  Breaking Change document. To update the DevExpress.WindowsDesktop.* NuGet packages in your apps automatically (= save time), please use the DevExpress Project Converter tool.

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