Spreadsheet Document API, Spreadsheet Controls (Win and WPF) — Chart Enhancements (v23.2)

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02 February 2024

In this blogpost I will describe WinForms and WPF Spreadsheet Chart API enhancements introduced in our last major release (v23.2).

Rotated Axis Labels

We now support rotated labels in primary and secondary axis. To rotate text in axis labels, use the TextRotation property of the Axis object.

The following image illustrates the appearance of labels rotated at -45 degrees (primary Y-axis):

Rotated axis labels

Error Bars

Error bars are now displayed in the SpreadsheetControl for the following chart types:

  • Column Clustered
  • Bar Clustered
  • Area
  • Line
  • Line with Markers
  • Stacked Line with Markers
  • 100% Stacked Line with Markers
  • Scatter
  • Scatter with Smooth Lines and Markers
  • Scatter with Smooth Lines
  • Scatter with Straight Lines and Markers
  • Scatter with Straight Lines

For other chart types, error bars can be accessed in code, exported to supported formats, and visualized in Microsoft Excel.

The following image displays percentage error bars for a line chart:

Percentage error bars

Review the following example for additional information: How to Add Error Bars to a Chart Series.

Error bar support ships with some limitations. The following Microsoft Excel error bars settings have no effect on visual representation of error bars when you display a chart in the DevExpress SpreadsheetControl:

  • Cap Type
  • Join Type
  • Begin Arrow Type
  • End Arrow Type
  • End Arrow Size
  • Begin Arrow Size
  • Gradient Line
  • Shadow
  • Glow
  • Soft Edges

Rich Text Formatting for Chart Titles and Axis Titles

The SpreadsheetСontrol can now display formatted chart titles in loaded workbooks.

Formatted chart titles and axis titles

The following rich text formatting styles (for chart and axis titles) are supported:

  • FontFamily
  • Size
  • Font Color
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Strickout
  • Subscript
  • Superscript

Note: Rich text title formatting is not supported for Sunburst and TreeMap charts.

Your Feedback Counts

Let us know what you think about the capabilities outlined in this post. Do you see a room for further enhancement?

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