SVG Icon Builder: Now Available in the Microsoft Store

28 March 2018

As you can tell from the title of this post, we have released the SVG Icon Builder to the Microsoft Store. Please follow this link to install.

SVG Icon Builder

The SVG Icon Builder is documented here. It provides template shapes that you can mix to create custom icons. The tool is highly useful both for developers struggling with free-hand icon drawing, and for designers to create glyphs that fully support the icon colorization feature.

Custom Icons

You can add up to 4 different small action images to a primary icon, rotate and flip every glyph, and set individual colors for each icon element. Final icons can be saved as both vector SVG and raster PNG files.

Icon Actions

Displaying SVG icons with our controls is very easy, using the SvgImage property. You can find more information here.

Please let us know what you think about our SVG support, and specifically about the SVG Icon Builder!

4 comment(s)
Manuel Grundner [DevExpress MVP]

Awesome! :)

28 March, 2018
Konstantin Balashov

Seems possibility to add custom SVG icons was not implemented?  

Pls have a look at

28 March, 2018
Iván Szabó

Nice job!

29 March, 2018
Sigurd Decroos _

Nice, but very limited. No option to change the curves, drawings or create your own.

Good start, but needs more functionality.

30 March, 2018

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