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26 April 2018

In addition to Crosshair Cursor performance improvements mentioned in our recent post about performance improvements, we extended the Crosshair functionality on the basis of some very popular customer requests. The improvements apply to WinForms Chart and WPF Chart controls, as well as ASP.NET WebForms and MVC Chart controls, in our upcoming release v18.1.

New Crosshair Line mode: Free

We introduced a new Crosshair Cursor mode where snapping is disabled and lines are shown directly at the current mouse pointer position:

Free Lines

To enable this feature, set the property ChartControl.CrosshairOptions.LineMode to Free.

Note that the property CrosshairOptions.SnapMode (link for WinForms and ASP.NET, link for WPF) is still used in this mode to determine which values are selected for inclusion in the crosshair output.

Crosshair Details in the legend

In certain situations it can be convenient to display Crosshair Cursor information in the Legend panel instead of the standard “tooltip” popup window. This image shows a legend filled with Crosshair detail for the year 2016:

Crosshair Information in the Legend

Use the property ChartControl.CrosshairOptions.ContentShowMode to move the Crosshair Cursor data to the legend. Note that it is also possible to customize this option for an individual series using the Series.CrosshairContentShowMode property.

Include extra field values in Crosshair information

The final new feature is perhaps the best of the lot: you can now display arbitrary extra data source field values in the Crosshair output using the pattern syntax (link for WinForms and ASP.NET, link for WPF).

For example, the following text pattern includes the value of a field called Discount in the Crosshair output: {S}: {V:F2} (Discount: {Discount:P0}). The newly extended pattern syntax interprets the part {Discount:P0} as an instruction to include an extra field value.

Extra Field Values

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