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28 December 2018

Earlier this week, we published roadmaps for our royalty-free reporting platform, DevExpress Reports (Desktop and Web). This post will detail our plans for the DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server – a product designed for entities that wish to streamline their report generation/distribution processes.

.NET Core Support

In 2019, we hope to focus on enhancements to the Report & Dashboard Server’s back-end engine – specifically, give you the option to host the server-side engine on non-Windows environments (thanks to .NET Core). This will give you deployment flexibility including the ability to use cloud-based providers such as Azure’s Container Instances and Amazon’s Elastic Container Service.

Data Models

We will enhance Data Model functionality and give you the ability to create custom SQL queries as needed. We hope to deliver more new features in this product area in both v19.1 and v19.2 release cycles. Please vote for a feature you’d like to see us introduce next year.

Bind a report or dashboard to business objects using the ObjectDataSource component

You’ll be able to deploy a custom assembly which initiates access to data and use its methods to provide data to reports and dashboards.

Bind a report or dashboard to Excel worksheets using the ExcelDataSource component

You’ll be able to use local XLSX\XLS\CSV files for your data source (for both reports and dashboards).

Bind a report or dashboard to OLAP cubes

You’ll be able to connect to an OLAP cube in the Microsoft Analysis Services database and provide data to reports and dashboards.

Bind a report or dashboard to REST data (JSON)

You’ll be able to specify the Web Service Endpoint URI and provide data to reports and dashboards.

Bind a report or dashboard to Google Spreadsheets / Excel Online data (MS Office 365)

You’ll be able to specify a file and a worksheet and provide data to your reports and dashboards.

Incremental Enhancements

We also want to incorporate the following features next year:

  • Allow you to select a color scheme for Document Viewer, Report Designer and the Dashboard component.
  • Allow you to define an auto-refresh period to update Dashboard data in real-time.
  • Update the desktop End-User Report Designer with all UI\UX enhancements introduced in our royalty-free reporting platform (remember, our Report and Dashboard Server is powered by DevExpress Reports).
  • Provide a tool that helps you migrate a service product's database from staging to production environments.

We are also considering whether to enable use of custom, self-developed dashboard items in Report & Dashboard Server Dashboards.

If you have other suggestions, feel free to submit your comments below.

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