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Important Changes to NuGet Packages and the Unified Component / .NET Core Desktop Product Installers (v21.1)
XAF - Watch the Last Webinar Recording with a QA, Blazor and XPO Teasers, Best Practices and More
XAF - Release of Security System API for EF Core, Action Permissions, New Documentation, Videos, Survey (v20.1.6)
XAF - Zoom StandUps, New Unit Testing Content, Blazor Apps on Linux, Custom Editors and More
XPO - Important Changes to Default Query Parameter Validation (v20.1)
XPO - Automate Database Schema Migrations using the ORM Data Model Designer or APIs
Web Reporting - Usability Enhancements (v19.2)
eXpressApp Framework - 2020 Roadmap
eXpressApp Framework Roadmap 2020 - Your Vote Counts
Yes, Your Opinion Matters: Share Your Thoughts on Roadmaps, Early Previews, Tips & Tricks and Blog Content
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