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27 January 2022

A Few Recent Enhancements

Visual Studio Report Designer - Improved Error Handling

Our Visual Studio Report Designer for .NET 6 / .NET 5 / .NET Core apps tracks the Microsoft.CodeAnalysis NuGet package and informs you if it is not referenced when your project includes scripts (error XRD105).

Entity Framework Core 6 in the Visual Studio Report Designer

Entity Framework 6 support is now included in our Visual Studio Report Designer for .NET 6 / .NET 5 / .NET Core apps. You can use this framework to bind your reports to MS SQL, MS SQL Compact Edition, PostgreSQL (Npgsql), and SQLite databases. Please leave a comment below if you'd like us to support other providers.

Improved Crystal Reports Conversion Engine

This round of updates to our report conversion tool includes support for subreport parameters.

Documentation Updates

New topics in the Reporting for Blazor help section:

Updates to the Use Report Scripts help section describe how to debug your application on .NET 6, .NET 5, and .NET Core.

Updates to the help topic on how to implement a custom parameter editor:

A new help topic on how to register scripts in your web applications:

New topics in the Create Reports in Code help section:

Interesting Support Tickets

Multiple Supported Platforms

Reporting for WinForms

Reporting for WPF

Reporting for Blazor

Reporting for ASP.NET Core

Reporting for ASP.NET MVC

Your Feedback Matters

As always, we welcome your thoughts/feedback. Please post a comment below and let us know how we can help.

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