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Reporting — Enhancements, Documentation Updates, Tips & Tricks (January 2022)
XAF - New Grid List Editor, Survey on the Main Menu Toolbar and End-User Layout Designer in Blazor UI
Reporting — Visual Studio Report Designer for .NET 6 Apps (v21.2)
Reporting — Early Access Preview (v21.2)
WPF and WinUI — Early Access Preview, Upcoming Features (v21.2)
XAF — Dashboards, RTF Editor, Backend Web API Service for Blazor, Audit & Security for EF Core (EAP v21.2)
WinForms: .NET 5 Design Time Enhancements
Reporting - Visual Studio Integrated Report Designer for .NET Apps (CTP, v21.1)
DevExpress Template Gallery Changes (v21.1.3)
Important Changes to NuGet Packages and the Unified Component / .NET Core Desktop Product Installers (v21.1)
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