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01 December 2010

Although this is not necessarily a DevExpress post, I think it is very relevant as we are definitely interested in ensuring that our controls work well in the Azure environment. Today I decided to log into my Windows Azure and SQL Azure accounts in order to see the health of the the reporting system I had created. I was surprised to find the following:


This previous screenshot shows how my SQL Azure account is now managed. It looks to be completely built in Silverlight! I think the layout is pretty indicative of the type of layout one should seriously consider when building business applications in Silverlight. If you look at our expanded Silverlight offerings, you will notice that this kind of layout can easily be created! Take a look at how the Windows Azure instances are now managed:


This new layout is extremely interesting for the following reason: perhaps Silverlight is not just for streaming videos. If Microsoft feels that the future of their business (which in  my opinion is in its Azure Services) should be run on the Silverlight platform, then maybe its time we consider the same.

As always, if there are any comments and/or questions, feel free to get a hold of me!

Seth Juarez
Twitter: @SethJuarez

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