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25 November 2014

Version 14.1 saw the release of our new end user report designer built from the ground up using html5 and JavaScript. As mentioned previously, this was a CTP (or beta) release: we wanted to see how you felt about it and how the overall technology behaved. This time around we finished polishing up the designer and will be releasing a completed end user tool in v14.2 (with a new shiny “light” theme to boot).

HTML5 End User Designer

The new Report Designer for ASP.NET is targeted at WebForms and MVC applications. For those on the cusp of innovation, the designer has also been successfully tested with ASP.NET vNext (we are indeed forward thinking).


  • a responsive user interface for in-browser reporting on the client, provided by a brand new JavaScript/HTML5 engine
  • rich user interface includes an integrated Property Grid (equipped with a Quick Access panel to access the most common options), Data Explorer and Parameters panels
  • a brand new integrated Print Preview created from scratch to use an HTML5 engine

HTML5 Report Preview

  • Remember the limitations? We’ve worked hard to make sure all report controls are available (including the Pivot Grid, Chart and Sparklines)

Chart Design

  • support for snap lines and a snap grid (for easy location and alignment of report elements);
  • support for localization and switchable visual themes;
  • guaranteed cross-browser compatibility, and more.

Report Server Integration

As mentioned in a previous post, we were so concerned about functionality and usability that we included the new designer directly into our Report Server product. Doing so allowed the engineering team to have an internal client, of sorts, to critically take a look at implementation details as well as an objective eye towards user perspective.

The Future

We were also extremely forward thinking! This is a pure html5/js implementation which, as mentioned earlier, will work in ASP.NET vNext. When considering the proliferation of devices, imagine a scenario where ad-hoc reporting can even be taken to the device itself!

Overall we are pretty excited at the type of Business Intelligence applications possible with the suite of components we are providing (and aim to improve in the future).

As always, if there are any comments and/or questions, feel free to get a hold of me!

Seth Juarez
Twitter: @SethJuarez

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