How to Install XtraReports for LightSwitch

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14 July 2011
This blog provides step-by-step instructions on how you can install XtraReports extensions for LightSwitch and start creating reports in your LightSwitch applications from the ground up.

First, install the Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch itself, whose Beta 2 is available at If you are using Visual Studio Professional, this installer will enable LightSwitch extensions for it.

Visual Studio LightSwitch download

After this, download the DevExpress Controls and Libraries trial from the DevExpress Client Center.

DevExpress Installer download

After you run the installer, on the Product Selection page, check XtraReports for LightSwitch and then click Next.

XtraReports for LightSwitch Installer

In order to get full-fledged reporting for LightSwitch, you do not need to select any other product in our installer: XtraReports for LightSwitch is a self contained package.

When the installation has finished, you are ready to create your first report in LightSwitch. For detailed instructions on LightSwitch reporting with DevExpress XtraReports, see LightSwitch Reporting Preview.

In case you have any questions or challenges using our products, please feel free to contact our Support Team: we guarantee an answer within 24 hours.

Please note that Visual Studio LightSwitch is still in beta, which means that until its official release (at the end of July), we plan to improve our reporting extensions. Some aspects of LightSwitch reporting are still subject to change. To stay informed about upcoming XtraReports features for LightSwitch, follow us on our blogs:

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