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14 July 2011
We have added a great new feature to our reporting offering in an upcoming minor release (v2011 vol 1.6): a custom print preview screen!

Now, instead of showing a report preview full-screen by calling the PrintPreview.Show() method as before, you can add a specialized screen to your application, …

LightSwitch Report Preview screen

… and in the body of its Activated() method call, associate the screen with the required XtraReport instance.
namespace LightSwitchApplication {
    public partial class ReportPreviewScreen {
        partial void ReportPreviewScreen_Activated() {
            // Assign the name of the report, which you want to preview in this screen.
            this.ReportTypeName = "LightSwitchApplication.XtraReport1";

The report will now appear in a separate tab (as opposed to full screen):

Report Preview for LightSwitch

In the above screenshot, you may have noticed the new Parameters button being added to the report preview toolbar – a subject of our next blog post.

As always, if you have any questions and/or comments, please do let us know!

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