LightSwitch Reporting - Showing Report Preview for Individual Records

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09 September 2011

This blog post provides a walk-through for the process of integrating XtraReports into your LightSwitch application to show a report preview for individual data records.

To solve this task, do the following.

1. Start a new LightSwitch application or open an existing one. Add a data source to the application. 

 Adding a data source to a LightSwitch application

In this example, we will create a Categories-Products table relation from a sample Northwind database to create a hierarchical report.

Choosing data objects in LightSwitch

2. Add a new screen to your application.

Adding a new screen in LightSwitch

Choose a List and Detail Screen and set its data source to NorthwindData.Categories.

Providing screen information in LightSwitch

3. Double-click Properties in the Solution Explorer and add an XtraReports extension to the application.

How to add Xtrareports extension to a LightSwitch application

4. Choose to add another data source in the Solution Explorer, but this time choose WCF RIA Service in the invoked wizard.

How to add a data source in LightSwitch

Then, choose XtraReportsService and click Next. On the last wizard page, check to select all available Entities and click Finish.

 Adding a reporting service in LightSwitch

Note: we do not recommend you changing the default data source name (XtraReportsServiceData), because of the risk that your application will not work.

5. Create a LightSwitch query, in which categories are selected based on an integer parameter. 

 Adding a query in LightSwitch

6. To add an XtraReport to the application, switch to the File View in the Solution Explorer, select Server and press CTRL+SHIFT+A.

In the invoked dialog, choose XtraReport Class v11.1 and click Add

7. Re-build the solution and bind the report to the created query. 

How to bind an XtraReport to a LightSwitch Query

To access the query's parameters, right-click lightSwitchDataSource1 and click Properties. Then, click the ellipsis button for the QueryParameters property.

Accessing LightSwitch Query properties in XtraReports

In the invoked dialog, disable the parameter's Visible property.

Changing a LightSwitch Query parameter's visibility in XtraReports.png

Then, adjust the report layout as required. To learn how you can create a master-detail report, see How to: Create a Master-Detail Report using Detail Report Bands.

 Adjusting the report layout to create a master-detail report in XtraReports

8. Switch back to the Logical View in the Solution Explorer and add another screen to the application.

At this time, select Report Preview Screen and click OK

Adding a report preview screen to a LightSwitch application

In the opened screen designer, click "Add Data Item...". In the invoked editor, choose Local Property, set its Type to Integer and Name to CategoryId.

How to add a local property in LightSwitch

After the local property is created, press F4 and enable its Is Parameter option in the invoked Properties window.

Making a local property a parameter in LightSwitch

9. Now, click Write Code to switch to the screen's code behind, and in the body of the CustomizeReportPreviewModel method, assign the value of the parameter that is passed to the report from the query to the value of the created local property.

namespace LightSwitchApplication {
    public partial class ReportPreviewScreen {
        public void CustomizeReportPreviewModel(DevExpress.Xpf.Printing.ReportPreviewModel model) {
            model.Parameters["CategoryID"].Value = CategoryId;
        partial void ReportPreviewScreen_Activated() {
            this.ReportTypeName = "XtraReport1";

Namespace LightSwitchApplication
    Partial Public Class ReportPreviewScreen
        Public Sub CustomizeReportPreviewModel(ByVal model As DevExpress.Xpf.Printing.ReportPreviewModel)
            model.Parameters("CategoryID").Value = CategoryId
        End Sub
        Private Sub ReportPreviewScreen_Activated()
            Me.ReportTypeName = "XtraReport1"
        End Sub
    End Class
End Namespace

10. Switch back to the CategoriesListDetail screen designer and add a button (named ShowPrintPreview) to the command bar of the Categories list.

Handle its Execute method to pass the parameter name to the method that shows the report preview screen.

 How to handle the Execute method of a button in LightSwitch

In addition, you can check whether or not this value is null in the button's CanExecute method body.

namespace LightSwitchApplication {
    public partial class CategoriesListDetail {
        partial void ShowPrintPreview_Execute() {
        partial void ShowPrintPreview_CanExecute(ref bool result) {
            result = Categories.SelectedItem != null;

Namespace LightSwitchApplication
    Partial Public Class CategoriesListDetail
        Private Sub ShowPrintPreview_Execute()
        End Sub
        Private Sub ShowPrintPreview_CanExecute(ByRef result As Boolean)
            result = Categories.SelectedItem IsNot Nothing
        End Sub
    End Class
End Namespace

Run the application, choose a category and click Show Print Preview.

 How to use XtraReports in LightSwitch

As a result, a report showing the category details is displayed in a separate screen.

LightSwitch reporting with XtraReports 

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