Rich Edit Controls - WinForms and Silverlight - v2010 vol 1

Thinking Out Loud
08 April 2010

The DevExpress Rich Edit controls for both WinForms and Silverlight will ship with some important new features.

Beta Support for Tables

You can now create new tables, add and remove rows, load documents containing tables and modify data placed into table cells. Since this will be the first beta of table support, we will offer limited table editing capabilities within the UI. There are no built-in commands for merging, splitting, inserting colums, and modifying cells properties.
We can, however, perform formatting of complex tables and read tables stored in files (in any supported file format). The Rich Edit Controls can also edit cells contents, navigate through cells, and support nested tables.

WinForms Rich Edit Control

WinForms Rich Edit Control Tables

Silverlight Rich Edit Control

Silverlight Rich Edit Control Tables

Header and Footer Support

Rich Editor controls fully support Header and Footer editing. You can provide common headers and footers for all pages within a document or you can specify different content for odd/even pages and change the first page’s header and footer individually.

Both WinForms and Silverlight editors now ship with built-in toolbars and Ribbon groups allowing you to easily embed a Header/Footer editing UI into your editor.

WinForms Rich Edit Control

WinForms Rich Edit Control Header and Footer

Silverlight Rich Edit Control

Silverlight Rich Text Control Header and Footer

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