.NET Reporting - an Overview of What's on Tap for v2010 vol 2

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27 August 2010

With this post, I wanted to summarize the key features we'll be introducing into our .NET Reporting Controls in DXperience v2010 vol 2 - across the major platforms we support: WinForms, ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF.

1. WinForms MDI End-User Report Designer

Relevant Blog Posts:
2. WinForms End-User Designer Enhancements

Support for editing sub-reports and a new layer to store master reports & sub-reports.

This feature allows you to specify the manner in which reports and sub-reports are stored - as separate files or as a stream to persist in a database. More information on this feature will be posted on our blogs shortly.

3. Script Editor Improvements

4. Reporting and Azure

We addressed key issues when using our .NET Reports Controls with Azure. More information on Azure will be posted on our blogs shortly.
5. Sort Groups by Summaries

This feature is available witin all DevExpress Grid controls...and we are now in the process of porting it to the XtraReports Suite.
6. Silverlight Report Preview Improvements

The DevExpress Silverlight Report Viewer is now much more power and includes key features such as Document Map, Parameters Pane, and Export Options (such as export to Excel) 

7. Native Printing Support in Silverlight

XtraReports 10.2 will use native Silverlight printing to print documents. More information to be posted here shortly.


If you've not yet had the opportunity to review the XtraReports Suite along with our WPF Report Viewer and our Silverlight Report Viewer, feel free to point your browsers to:


Considering moving to Silverlight and WPF...




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Robert Fuchs
Robert Fuchs

Ok, and where is the Report Server talked about in the Roadmap "coming in the second half of 2010"?

27 August 2010
Sigurd Decroos
Sigurd Decroos

I really hoped for n° 2! Thanks DevEx!

27 August 2010
Rinaldo Ferreira Junior
Bruno Guimaraes (Sidetech)

Are there any news about ASP.NET reporting?

28 August 2010
Alan (DevExpress)
Alan (DevExpress)

@Robert: We've introduced the initial implementation of the report service mechanism for Silverlight reports in 10.1, and in v2010 vol 2 we'll polish its implementation to better solve real-life scenarios. Then we're planning to use this experience for providing a "report server" solution, which will allow you to store report definitions on a server and product output to clients running using different technologies... However, currently we can't provide you neither with implementation details nor with the time frame when this feature can be expected, sorry.

Also, you might be interested in how it is currently possible to publish reports - this approach is described in detail in recent blog posts by Azret Botash:



@Sigurd: You're welcome!

@Rinaldo: Support for Windows Azure is a part of our improvements for ASP.NET reports. Could you please clarify what particular functionality you are waiting from ASP.NET XtraReports to be implemented?

1 September 2010
Tomas M.
Tomas M.

Please try to improve export to pdf. When I use native function from DX so size of the doc is at least double than when I use printing of the same form with PDFFactory. Table lines export quality is also terrible. (some lines are thick some are thin and some are missing when I change zoom) otherwise I like your xtrareports

16 September 2010

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