WinForms Tab Control - Custom Buttons (coming in v2011 vol 1)

18 April 2011

While Rachel is preparing a post to let you all know about our new enhancements to the WinForms Ribbon Control, I thought I'd mention a cool new feature being introduced in our WinForms Tab Control...that of custom buttons within the tab/page container.

Here is a short animation that illustrates its use - we've added two custom buttons allowing users to add/delete images within the tab control.

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Cool! :D

Will this be made for the docked windows as well?

18 April, 2011
Hedi Guizani

Sorry this is not a new feature I was able to use 2 years ago via some coding

You even provide a semilar solution in code central

Sorry guys but we need more serious features!!!

I know I m not the only customer saying this but I really hope you will come up with a nice surprise with 2011 v1 because WForm users feel very neglected

18 April, 2011
Jerzy Rozmyslowicz

I second that, new features are not introduced lately at all

18 April, 2011
Chris Seils

Winforms is legacy, and the Devexpress winforms product is very mature.  I would rather they spent their time on WPF and Silverlight.

18 April, 2011
Sigurd Decroos

I third that, although it is a nice 'gadget', it's not something stunning or impressive.

Please, make it possible to split docked windows with the dockamanger, now that would be interesting :).

18 April, 2011

Just to remind a suggestion I did some time ago regarding the way Firefox handles tabs.

18 April, 2011
Dean Casey

Excellent, I could definitely use that feature.

19 April, 2011
Tony Taylor-Moran

Sorry, I don't agree with Chris at all, the assumption that Winforms is legacy doesn’t site right with me, quite a lot of my users are not interested, so I am more inclined to agree with the others.

More attention really does need to be given to the Winforms collection of controls and in particular the MDITab control (My personal request!), the recent offerings haven’t seemed to give me much for the money (although I have a DXperience Enterprise Subscription, I really only use the WinForms controls) –  my subscription is due for renewal in May, unless I see something that is worth the renewal fee, I will give one of the other vendors a try.

20 April, 2011

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