WinForms Splash Screen Component (coming in v2011 vol 2)

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01 September 2011

DXperience v2011 vol 2 will include a new control called SplashScreenManager - designed to easily add splash screens to any WinForms project.

Only two steps are required to add a splash screen: drop a SplashScreenManager component onto a form and then add the splash screen via a context menu:

WinForms Splash Screen Control by DevExpress

Once you execute the application (no additional code is required), the splash screen will automatically appear during form load and will automatically close once the form is loaded:

The splash screen is a customizable form that is displayed in a separate thread. You do not need to worry about threading when using the DevExpress Splash Screen Manager, as all thread operations are implemented by the component internally.

If the default appearance of the splash screen does not meet your requirements, you can easily change it by modifying the default layout, adding custom controls, etc.

Oh and one final note: by default, a splash screen is displayed and closed automatically. You can, however, control the display of the splash screen manually within your code.

P.S. Over the coming days, I'll be describing some very cool enhancements to our WinForms products....keep tuned.

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