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05 September 2011

As promised, here's a second in a series of blog posts related to our WinForms product line. This particular feature has been requested by many and certainly one I've wanted incorporated into our WinForms Grid for a long time.

The screen shots below help illustrate the new capabilites of the Split Presentation View - a way in which to present two grid controls bound to the same data source in a side by side (horizontal or vertical) manner ... 

Horizontal Split Presentation

WinForms Horizontal Split Presentation

Vertical Split Presentation

WinForms Grid Vertical Split Presentation 

We'll describe how this has been implemented and how you can incorporate it in your current project in the coming weeks...keep tuned for details.

P.S. Rumors about what Microsoft will be discussing at the BUILD Conference in Anaheim are flying left and right. Among the rumors is a free Win8 tablet to all attendees. This week, I'll be posting some interesting new features for all of our loyal WinForms developers who are interested in (....sorry, I will keep it quiet for now)

P.S.S. If you've not yet voted for your favorite DevExpress product in this year's DevConnections Magazine Readers Choice Awards, dont forget to do so before Sept 7.

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