WinForms Grid - Split Presentation View

05 September 2011

As promised, here's a second in a series of blog posts related to our WinForms product line. This particular feature has been requested by many and certainly one I've wanted incorporated into our WinForms Grid for a long time.

The screen shots below help illustrate the new capabilites of the Split Presentation View - a way in which to present two grid controls bound to the same data source in a side by side (horizontal or vertical) manner ... 

Horizontal Split Presentation

WinForms Horizontal Split Presentation

Vertical Split Presentation

WinForms Grid Vertical Split Presentation 

We'll describe how this has been implemented and how you can incorporate it in your current project in the coming weeks...keep tuned for details.

P.S. Rumors about what Microsoft will be discussing at the BUILD Conference in Anaheim are flying left and right. Among the rumors is a free Win8 tablet to all attendees. This week, I'll be posting some interesting new features for all of our loyal WinForms developers who are interested in (....sorry, I will keep it quiet for now)

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13 comment(s)
Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]

Always such a tease Ray ;)

Keep the WinForm love comin :D

Would have loved to gone to BUILD, however I reckon the internet will just about crash with blogs and videos from across the world from Developer/Media who are attending.

I definately see an advantage to a vertical split (which would allow for a more "dynamic" fixed columns). Horizontal split I am not sure about as yet, admittently I use it all the time in VS and Excel but in my application not sure if my customers will get a benefit, but certainly some will.

Cheers guys, as always, love ya work.

6 September, 2011
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Hopefully you'll be coming to our DX-Squad 2 day event in Vegas...we can catch up then. As far as BUILD goes...we can all expect a very busy week. Our plan is to actively publish content on our properties during the week of BUILD.

6 September, 2011
Alex Danvy

//Build ! //Build ! //Build ! :-)

6 September, 2011
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

I can feel the ground starting to shake already...They even have you flying in from France. See you at our party at the House of Blues!

6 September, 2011
Sigurd Decroos

Nice! Gimme more... :D

6 September, 2011
Hieu Nguyen~

Well, I don't really understand this feature, is it kind of grouping, parent-detail or just view & compare only? Those two grids' datasources is same or parent-detail? Can be three-split view?

6 September, 2011

Way to go!

Next step: a unique vertical scrollbar in master-detail layouts! ;)

6 September, 2011
Hedi Guizani

Always good to see winforms improvement

6 September, 2011
Garry Lowther

Excellent to see continued innovation in WinForms.

We have a large installed base on WinForms, but of course are looking closely at other technologies and excited about //BUILD// next week.

6 September, 2011
Robert Fuchs

This is just YAVNTBIX, I can guess.

Yet Another View Not To Be Implemented in XAF, like Card, Layout, Banded and Master-Detail.

SCNR, Robert

6 September, 2011
Christopher Todd

Nice to see this finally. Not too crazy about having yet another menu item to pick from. I was hoping it would be somthing closer to what I suggested.

Link to image:

Glad to have it though. Thanks!!

6 September, 2011
Sigurd Decroos

Crono: I'm all for that next step!

6 September, 2011
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Christopher - compromises have to be made with a mature product like the grid. Implementation will not make everyone happy but we dont want to risk product stability in lieu of major re-writes at this stage in the game.

6 September, 2011

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