BUILD Conference: Thank You Microsoft...Here's to a Great Future

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09 September 2011

The Build Conference promises to be an amazing event. All of us at DevExpress (and I'm sure all of you) are looking forward to the official announcements and the proposed path for the future. We thank Microsoft for extending an invitation to DevExpress to be an exhibitor at the event and for actively supporting the tools eco-system over the years. When it comes to fostering a vibrant third-party tools market, no one comes close to Microsoft!

As we've been preparing for the conference itself, it's given me time to reflect on the past - in particular how things changed for DevExpress and our customers back in August 2000 at the PDC Conference in Orlando Florida...once Microsoft officially announced the.NET Framework

Much like August 2000, I expect next week to be incredibly busy with a flood of questions on what the future holds for the DevExpress R&D Team and our customers. The good news is that we only have a few days left before the event itself and rather than useless guesswork and mindless hype, we'll leave it to next week to explain how we'll chart a course for the future.

Ultimately, everyone here at DevExpress understands and is committed to the needs of our existising customers.  Regardless of Microsoft's announcements next week, our primary responsibility will remain the same...deliver best-of-breed tools for the Microsoft platform. To that end, I want to take a few minutes to preview some of the new products and features we'll deliver to market in our next release...products that target the platforms you are currently using.

  • WinForms - We've enabled multi-touch and tablet support for a number of our controls. If you've not yet seen the teaser video we prepared a couple of days ago, take a look at it here.
  • ASP.NET - I'll post another teaser video in a moment - detailing some of new touch enabled features across our ASP.NET product line.
  • Silverlight - Contrary to what many will say next week, we feel Silverlight is alive and well and to that end, we'll be releasing a number of new controls including our Silverlight Pivot Grid, Silverlight Scheduler and perhaps most exciting, our Silverlight Report Designer Wizard. In addition, we'll extend the capabilities of shipping Silverlight Controls (too many features to mention here so I'll leave that for another day).
  • WPF - Among the many things planned for our WPF product line will be enhancements to our WPF Grid and Charting Controls. And to sound like a broken record, we'll be supporting touch devices as well.

 Here are a couple of screenshots of what you can expect from us in DXperience v2011 vol 2 - more to come next week.

Silverlight End User Report Customization

Silverlight Pivot Grid Analytics


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