WinForms Pivot Grid Control Enhancements (coming in v2011 vol 2)

27 September 2011

With this release, we'll be extending the capabilities of our WinForms Pivot Grid with the following new features:

To improve easy-of-use, filter drop-downs within the DevExpress WinForms Pivot are now able to ignore field values that cannot be displayed because of filters applied to other fields. (view animation to learn more)

WinForms Pivot Grid and Table Control 

To facilitate and improve the way in which end-users construct filters, the WinForms Pivot Grid will include a toolbar designed to unify control over all aspects of the filter. This includes settings and commands you may be familiar with (like filter type setting or invert filter command), as well as the newly introduced Display Only Available Items.

WinForms Pivot Grid Filter Toolbar


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Mark Bissett 2

This looks great. The filter toolbar would be useful on the WinForms Grid control so end users could turn on and off the checkboxes next to the filter items, invert the filter etc.

27 September, 2011
Sigurd Decroos

^^ agreed +1

27 September, 2011
Peter Thorpe

+1 Hopefully a similar menu for the grid control to switch between checked list and list and possibly between value filtering and display member filtering.

27 September, 2011
Brian Maxim

-1. The first “new” feature was already done a year ago:

We seem to get a lot of filter updates. But improving ease/speed of use will rely on a more powerful pre-filter:

29 September, 2011
Constant (DevExpress Support)

Hi Brian,

In our opinion, this is a really new feature of the XtraPivotGrid, and such a significant improvement of the previously implemented capability that it can be called a new feature. We have found that the solution provided in  version 10.2 does not work well in some situations. You can see this if you play  a bit with the example. So, we decided to provide a more powerful solution, which now works based upon the method.

By the way, I cannot promise anything now, but we will consider implementation of the "Prefilter By Summary" feature regarding the next version of the XtraPivotGrid control (12.1)

3 October, 2011
Brian Maxim

Hi Constant,

Woody did hint that this could be in 11.2 so to hear its slipping again and not a definite is disappointing. A lot of your customers need it and a lot of my customers need it. At the moment it really could feature anywhere – 12.1, 12.2, 13.1, 14.2!? or never as its already been some years. It would be nice if this could be upgraded to planned, at least I’ll have something positive to tell my manager who frequently asks about the status of this and then he might just allow me to renew my DX subscription.

4 October, 2011
Constant (DevExpress Support)


I agree with you that this feature is very important. I am afraid during the current development cycle we did not have resources required for its implementation. In fact, this is a rather complex feature that requires significant source code modification. We will discuss whether or not we have enough resources to implement it in 12.1. Anyway, thank you for pointing us to this suggestion, your opinion is very important for us.

7 October, 2011
Marco Rinaldi_1

Good news!!!

Nice work and now don't stop and do the same improvements for ASPxPivotGrid!! :-)

17 November, 2011

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