WinForms Tile Control (new features coming in 13.1.6)

12 July 2013

As you all know by now, Windows 8.1 is right around the corner and it will include new Live Tile features for the Start Menu.

In the next minor release of our WinForms Subscription, we'll be updating our WinForms Tile Control to include support for small tiles, live drag and drop and an improved design time experience when creating small and extra large tiles. The following 2 images demonstrate how you can replicate the Windows 8.1 Live Tile experience directly within your WinForms application using our Live Tile Control.

WinForms Live Tile Control

WinForms Live Tile Control

4 comment(s)
Simon Hewitt

Is it possible yet to have a tile containing an XtraUserControl?

12 July, 2013
Terry Rooster

13.1.5 is already out, Ray. (-;

12 July, 2013
Marcin Chojna

It will be available only on Windows 8 or on all Windows Family?

12 July, 2013
Jwu xu

Why don't you have a standard forum where the community can discuss things in a "threaded" manner?  Your customers could benefit so much from seeing what others have done with a particular control?

Company blogs aren't really much in the way of "community".

13 July, 2013

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