WinForms Taskbar Assistant (What's New in 13.2)

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28 November 2013

Another new addition to our WinForms product line is the Taskbar Assistant. It was built to simplify the customization of the Windows taskbar button, its live preview (displayed when you hover your mouse over the taskbar button) and to help you create jump lists (when you right click the taskbar button).

So here is the all too familiar taskbar button before we've applied our customizations to it...

WinForms Taskbar Assistant

Here it is with a 16x16 overlay image courtesy of the Taskbar Assistant.

WinForms Taskbar Assistant Overlay

Here is the same taskbar button with a progress bar.

WinForms Taskbar Assistant with Progress Bar

Note that you can control the manner in which the progress bar is displayed (normal, indeterminate, paused or error).

As mentioned earlier, the Taskbar Assistant allows you to customize the taskbar button's live preview and insert thumbnail buttons within it. 

Windows Taskbar Assistant Live Preview 

And finally, when you need to add jump lists to your taskbar button's menu, the Taskbar Assistant allows you to create both task and custom categories with individual items.

WinForms Taskbar Assistant Jump Lists

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