WinForms Outlook-Style Navigation Controls (Coming soon in v14.1)

09 May 2014

We are working hard to get v14.1 out the door by the end of this month. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few more new features we have planned for our WinForms product line (and yes, many of what you see will also be in our WPF product line).

First and foremost, we've extended the capabilities of our WinForms Navigation components to fully support the user-experience found in Outlook 2013. As you can see in the image below, navigation links can be displayed at the bottom. This allows you to use the space within the primary app container for module specific functionality.

WinForms Outlook Inspired Small

In addition, v14.1 will give you the ability to reproduce other UI elements available in Outlook, including popups on individual nav links as pictured below...

WinForms Outlook Inspired Navigation Popup

And finally, I want to show you how you can reproduce the folder pane experience of Outlook when a folder pane has been collapsed via a popup.

Outlook Inspired Folder Pane Popup

Before I let you go, please make sure to look closely at the first screenshot in this blog post. There is something there you should take note of...perhaps I should say something that is not there that you should take note of. Looking forward to see who can figure out what we have planned for our WinForms Grid in v14.1

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Stepan Lauryn

It looks interesting. Will it be also XAF?

9 May, 2014
Geert Depickere

The grid has no scroll bar...

Will scrolling now be done by a "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" gesture captured by a Kinect? :-)

9 May, 2014
Stefan Heim

scrollbar? ;-)

9 May, 2014
Tony Tadros

looking very good

please refresh the navigation in XAF with these added features

XAF modules still using a very old navigation system

you keep adding features to windows and web controls but not being reflected in XAF at all for sometime



9 May, 2014
Markus Landwehr

Some new scroll future? I don't see a ScrollBar in the Grid :-)

9 May, 2014
J Joubert

First to comment :)

Cant wait for 14.1

9 May, 2014
Jonatas Hudler

Looks like that "Map It" button in the ribbon have something to say... :)

9 May, 2014
Mark Bissett 2

Can't see anything missing except the grid scrollbars - I'm guessing you'll be able to scroll the grid without the scollbars... ?

9 May, 2014
Christopher Todd

Really nice! Are y'all permanently redesigning the FindPanel or is this an optional appearance? Also, the "check all" check box on the field column header; that has to be new. I know I could use that right now! I don't do ribbon, so I can't speak for anything there. It all looks really good, can't wait for the beta! Any chance we will get a few more color variations of the VS or Office theme? Unfortunately, I have a few in my organization that want Pink and Green. But I think Tan/Brown would be nice for the VS.

9 May, 2014
Nate Laff

Looks great! I'm going to get the ball rolling with an obligatory "when is this coming to XAF" comment though I know it will go unanswered and likely unimplemented.

I also see the flat 2013 style icons rather than what is contained in DevExpress.Images which were outdated by the time they were released. So, hoping you've given that a needed refresh as well.

As far as what's missing scrollbar is missing from the Grid isn't there

9 May, 2014

great stuff!!!

when is the beta?

if only brought to SL as well

9 May, 2014
Oleg Mironov (dbc)

Looks like a vertical scroll bar is missing on the first screenshot.

9 May, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

You guys are right - it's about the scrollbar...the next question is where did it go :-)

9 May, 2014

Well look at the search text box on top of grouping box?

9 May, 2014
Geert Depickere

It went to a cocktail bar?

Maybe it will only appear when the grid has the focus or when mouse pointer is in the grid so that most of the time the grid can show more data?

9 May, 2014
Santiago Lajara

I guess the scroll bar is always hidden if you use a touch screen and is only shown when you move a mouse over the grid, as in Office 2013.

BTW: + 1 to the request for this functionalities in XAF.

9 May, 2014
Glen Harvy

OMG - it's a bug, the scrollbar is missing...

... nah, it's a feature :-)

9 May, 2014
Rubén Duarte

Excelent work! I hope that those functionallity are included on xaf modules

9 May, 2014
Rubén Duarte

Please include this features in XAF modules !!

9 May, 2014

Something a bit of topic, since you are -thank god- doing a lot of development on win forms can we have RTL support please.


9 May, 2014
Gustavo Marzioni

+1 XAF

13 May, 2014

+2 XAF

and probably there are +100 people waiting on when new oaf features will be revealed on blog :)))

14 May, 2014
Dennis (DevExpress Support)


Thanks for your feedback!

Please see my detailed answer in in my blog.

20 May, 2014
Tomas M.

I am playing with beta and I did not find, how to hide scrollbars.

27 May, 2014

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