WinForms iPad Style Ribbon (coming soon in v14.1)

13 May 2014

With the release of Office for iPad, Microsoft made significant changes to its Ribbon to accommodate the touch-first nature of tablet devices. In our upcoming release, we've updated our WinForms Ribbon Control to support the look, feel and user-experience of the new Office Ribbon for iOS.

Office for iPad Ribbon Control for WinForms

Tablet Ribbon UI

The XtraBars Suite will now include a Tablet Ribbon option so you can emulate the UI found in Microsoft Office for iPad. Unlike a traditional Ribbon, it includes only a single row of buttons. Additionally, the Tablet Ribbon does not include multi-level popup menus...Only one popup is displayed on-screen at any point in time. If you activate a sub-menu, it will appear within the same popup container and the window will adjust its size to properly fit its contents.

Office Ribbon for iPad Popup Menu

To help illustrate some of what you can now do with our WinForms Ribbon Control - be it replicating the traditional Office Ribbon for Windows or the new Office Ribbon for iPad, we created a short little video which you can watch using the following link:

The DevExpress WinForms Ribbon

v14.1 will also include an Office2014 view for our Ribbon Control. Unlike the Tablet Ribbon, this view can include captions for Ribbon Page Groups. It will not offer a Quick Access Toolbar and its Ribbon Pages are displayed in the caption area.

Office Ribbon for iPad in Desktop Mode

4 comment(s)
Nate Laff

Cool improvement, however by default I stick to the look and feel of the latest Office (for Windows) style. Don't see much use for this one in my project.

13 May, 2014
Heiko Mueller

Nice, but without a suitable skin it doesn't look look very nice - maybe you should create a skin that looks more like Office for IPad (colored header - would be nice if we could define the colors by ourself, and rounded tabheaders).

13 May, 2014

Nice, saves some vertical space


13 May, 2014
Renaud Bompuis

It's a cool alternative that would look good on a tablet like the Surface. I can see it being used on simpler apps that do not require a full blown ribbon to be usable. This also saves some vertical space.

3 June, 2014

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