WPF Grid - Excel Style Formatting (Coming soon in v14.1)

20 May 2014

If your users are familiar with Excel and if you need to introduce conditional formatting capabilities to your WPF app, v14.1 will include Excel inspired conditional formatting for our WPF Data Grid.

Here's what you can expect when we ship our update...

  • Conditional formatting can now be applied to all WPF Grid cell backgrounds, foregrounds and to font settings (style, weight, size, etc.). 
  • Format conditions can be specified and maintained by your users via the WPF Grid's column's context menu. 
  • Conditional formatting can be applied to either individual data cells or to the entire row.
  • Complex conditions can be constructed using our built-in Condition Editor.

.WPF Data Grid Excel Style Conditional Formatting

As always, I welcome your feedback. Let me know what you think.

12 comment(s)

Silverlight ?

19 May, 2014
Mark Bissett 2

This looks great, I'm hoping you will also be releasing this on WinForms...

20 May, 2014


20 May, 2014
Jon Mitchell

Will the pivot grid control also support this feature?

20 May, 2014
Tobias Lachmann

Are this settings saveable and restorable with SaveLayoutToXml / RestoreLayoutFromXml?

20 May, 2014
Claudio Piffer 1

VCL? ;-)

20 May, 2014
mayer schmukler

nice.  how about winforms?

20 May, 2014
Prem Shah 5

How Does it work in Print, Print Preview ,Export in Excel,word and pdf

20 May, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

Qualco - Not for Silverlight. I know you keep asking about Silverlight and I appreciate your feedback. I think the best people to ask about Silverlight are at Microsoft. Great technology - just wish they had not walked away from it.

21 May, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

For VCL - WinForms

Sure, this is something we definitely want to do for those platforms. We are working around the clock...some things take time :-)

21 May, 2014
Alexander (DevExpress Support)

>>Are this settings saveable and restorable with SaveLayoutToXml / RestoreLayoutFromXml?

Our developers are currently working on this feature. It will be available either in this release or in one of first minor updates of 14.1.

>>How Does it work in Print, Print Preview ,Export in Excel,word and pdf

The Background (including ColorScale Format), Foreground, and Font settings are printed and exported automatically. Printing and export of the Icon Set and Data Bar formats are not supported.

21 May, 2014
Tomas Homola

It is also supported in PivotGridControl and TreeListControl?

30 May, 2014

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