WinForms Theme Color Mixer(Coming soon in v14.1)

21 May 2014

If you are an active Universal or DXperience Subscriber, you should have already received your link to Beta 1 of v14.1. If targeting the WinForms platform, you may have noticed our new Application Theme Color Mixer...a quick and easy way for you and your end-users to customize the colors used within shipping DevExpress WinForms App Themes.

We've prepared a short little video to help demonstrate how the Color Mixer works at runtime - you can view it here:

WinForms Theme Color Mixer

As always, I welcome your feedback.

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Brian Maxim

Interesting, although I would not want my customers to see the word DevExpress unfortunately!

21 May, 2014
Stefan Koell

Will you provide a way to "re-brand" the color mixer window/panel (or provide one of my own)?

21 May, 2014
Eric Vernon

Any chance of getting something like this for WPF?

21 May, 2014
Nate Laff

Where is the change stored? As a new skin? What happens to their changes when a new version is pushed?

Aside from that its a cool idea (though quite ugly) and I don't think I'll enable for my users.

21 May, 2014
Matt Jacobi

It behaves oddly for some skins, such as Office 2013 White. Color2 seems to have no effect, while the brightness control for Color1 affects both the brightness of the color *and* the brightness of the white background. Basically, there is no way to darken the color of the ribbon application button without making the white background color gray.

21 May, 2014
Christopher Todd

Nate, I'm not sure how to get the Color Mixer, but the DefaultLookAndFeel has two new properties you can change. The results are a little unpredictable but still pretty interesting.

21 May, 2014
Stefan Koell

One other thing: is this circular color mixer available as separate control?

21 May, 2014

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