WinForms Charting - New Designer (Coming soon in v15.1)

27 May 2015

v15.1 will bring with a brand new Chart Designer for our WinForms Chart Control. The new Chart Designer allows you to:

Select a chart item and quickly customize it. The most common properties for the selected item are displayed within the Options Tab.

WinForms Chart Designer - Item Selection 

...If you require more complex chart element customization, you'd simply use the Properties tab.

WinForms Chart Designer - Properties

Easily navigate through a chart structure using the Chart Elements Tree.

WinForms Chart Designer - Element Tree

Drag-and-drop data fields and bind them to a chart.

WinForms Charts - Drag and Drop Binding

In addition, you can allow end-users to customize DevExpress Charts you ship within your app by using this same Chart Designer. To introduce this functionality to your app, you need 2 lines of code...

ChartDesigner designer = new ChartDesigner(chartControl1);


The following video demonstrates actual use of our new WinForms Chart Designer.

Tell us what you think - we'd love to know how many of you allow users to customize charts at runtime...

8 comment(s)
mayer schmukler

very  cool

27 May, 2015
John Fedak

Is the old ChartWizard essentially deprecated at this point or will both be supported going forward?

27 May, 2015

very  very  very

28 May, 2015
Mark Harby

That's nice.

28 May, 2015
Alan (DevExpress)

Hi John,

The old ChartWizard isn't deprecated in 15.1 and currently both wizards should work well. However, in the future we plan to invest more efforts in developing our new ChartDesigner, and so we recommend you to eventually migrate to it.

28 May, 2015
Bassam Abdelaal

Very cool , I can see some ideas brought from the dashboard (drag and drop into fields and so on)  injected back into controls designing to make it easier , you are going into the right direction , keep the good work

28 May, 2015
Maxime Savard 3

The new designer and new options are accessible on DashBoard Creator ?

28 May, 2015
Alex K (DevExpress)

Hello Maxime,

Currently the new chart designer is only available for the Chart control.

29 May, 2015

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