WinForms Charting - New Designer (Coming soon in v15.1)

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27 May 2015

v15.1 will bring with a brand new Chart Designer for our WinForms Chart Control. The new Chart Designer allows you to:

Select a chart item and quickly customize it. The most common properties for the selected item are displayed within the Options Tab.

WinForms Chart Designer - Item Selection 

...If you require more complex chart element customization, you'd simply use the Properties tab.

WinForms Chart Designer - Properties

Easily navigate through a chart structure using the Chart Elements Tree.

WinForms Chart Designer - Element Tree

Drag-and-drop data fields and bind them to a chart.

WinForms Charts - Drag and Drop Binding

In addition, you can allow end-users to customize DevExpress Charts you ship within your app by using this same Chart Designer. To introduce this functionality to your app, you need 2 lines of code...

ChartDesigner designer = new ChartDesigner(chartControl1);


The following video demonstrates actual use of our new WinForms Chart Designer.

Tell us what you think - we'd love to know how many of you allow users to customize charts at runtime...

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