WinForms and MVVM (Coming soon in v15.1)

01 June 2015

You may already know, DevExpress ships its own MVVM Framework - one that up until this release, was targeted to the needs of WPF developers using our controls. 

A couple of release cycles ago, we began enhancements to this framework - with the goal of making it available to WinForms developers. The good news is that with the v15.1 release, the DevExpress MVVM Framework fully supports the WinForms platform.

So what's so good about our MVVM Framework and why should you care if you are a WinForms developer? Here are a couple of things to consider...

The DevExpress MVVM Framework ships with features that are absent in WinForms, but essential to MVVM development. These missing features include bindings, commands, UI triggers, behaviors etc. Our Framework includes all of these along with a straightforward API to make WinForms app development more efficient. 

Everything that is otherwise complicated - such as command and property bindings, behaviors, services and their registrations - becomes much simpler with our built-in design-time support. You can do all these basic things with just a few clicks within the Expression Editor.

WinForms MVVM Expression Editor

The DevExpress MMVM Framework works with all third-party UI controls, but was engineered to maximize use of DevExpress WinForms Controls and Libraries. For instance, you can generate Ribbon items for your commands with a single click. If the command has a standard name (Save, Cut, New, Open etc), the Ribbon item automatically selects the appropriate image from the DevExpress Image Gallery.

To make life as easy as possible, multiple new templates have been added to the DevExpress Template Gallery. This means you can create multiple new ViewModels or generate a DataModel using the Scaffolding Wizard.

DevExpress MVVM Framework - Templates for WinForms

...The Framework also includes a set of navigation Services - helpers that can display your View as windowed, tabbed or native MDI, all without modifying the View itself.

Finally, to help you hit the ground running - we're shipping a large ‘MVVM Best Practices’ demo with lots of samples. Each example includes a live code section (modify the sample code and immediately view results). To scope into the desired example, you simply click the corresponding Demo Center button to open the solution inside Visual Studio.

WinForms MVVM Learning Center

What do you think? How likely are you to use this Framework? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Philippe Petrussa


I'm really willing to use the framework but I find difficult with the current documentation to start building an application. Looking at the examples, I have to reverse engineer what is done. I would like to see more use cases starting from a simple application. Where do I start if I want to write a business oriented Winforms MVVM application? What should I consider? I know the documentation is not complete but what I currently find is not sufficiently "taking me by the hand" to make a first application. I feel I'm loosing a lot of time.

1 June, 2015
Mark Harby

Sounds awesome, probably need a good video to show us old timers how to use it. Preferably with an existing EF model and real world data entry forms.

1 June, 2015
gabriel caro

With all due respect but I think it could be improved in other requested requirements (even for more than 3 years, mainly in the area of reporting for WinForms and WPF). I consider that a serious developer who wants to use pure MVVM, focuses on WPF.


1 June, 2015
Toni Wenzel CHG

Great to see this improvement!

Can't wait so see it in action.

1 June, 2015
Mark Harby

Looks awesome.

Think us Winforms old-timers might need a good instructional video on how to use it!

2 June, 2015
Andrew Fraser

I used Prism on WPF and loved the MVVM programming model but found WPF heavy going. I am really looking forward to trying the DevExpress MVVM framework under WinForms :-)

2 June, 2015
Major Oak Software Ltd.

I am currently refactoring my Winforms app to use XPO. Will the DevExpress MVVM Framework work well with this?

2 June, 2015
Tony Tadros

please make a specific webinar for this ,go through the main components and how they are linked to each other

sample demo is not easy to follow

3 June, 2015
James (DevExpress)

@Philippe Petrussa

Hi, not only does this release come with polished and ready-to-use framework, we also cared to create an entire learning center: a huge demo with live code sections and a detailed documentation coupled with concepts, comments on demo examples and step-by-step tutorials. These help topics will be available at WinForms Controls - Common Concepts -> WinForms MVVM.

3 June, 2015
Nikita (DevExpress Support)

Hello guys,

As for using XPO with our MVVM framework, the framework does not depend on a specific ORM. So, you can organize your data-access layer (a model layer) in any way, e.g. via XPO, and it will work fine in this case. If you are talking about the Scaffolding mechanism, it currently supports Entity Framework and WCF, but we are ready to consider implementing support for XPO if we get many requests about this feature.

3 June, 2015
Suresh Fernandes

Sound great! @James: When can we expect the step-by-step tutorials to be available?

3 June, 2015
Tony Tadros

also i just wonder ,do you have any plans to replace XAF with MVVM framework on the long run

i see little improvements in XAF with every release

Thanks & Regards


4 June, 2015
Jens Kloster

@James (DevExpress)

Could you provide a Link to this docmentation :)

4 June, 2015
Dan 2015

Yes, please include support for XPO scaffolding.  I'm sure other's would agree this is very important.  Thanks!

4 June, 2015
Nikita (DevExpress Support)

Hello Guys,

@Dan, thank you for your feedback. We will definitely consider supporting XPO scaffolding.

5 June, 2015
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Tony Tadros:

No, we do not have such plans. We are proud of XAF and actively support and evolve it. These products are also playing in different niches. If you check our What's New documentation for the last three releases, you will see that many new major features were added to the XAF framework. If you are interested in other improvements, I would love to learn more of your needs at dennis no spam devexpress dot com.

5 June, 2015
Uldis Rats

This is interesting - sounds useful, I also would like to have some instructional videos, because I'm new to MVVM (have some basic info, but no practical experience, since I'm working with WinForms)

5 June, 2015
Genesis Supsup (QuickZ)

+1 for XPO scaffolding.Thanks!

5 June, 2015
Dennis Fuller

I too would really like the developers express MVVM pattern to include XPO.

7 June, 2015
Markus Doerig

+1 for XPO Support as well

14 June, 2015
James (DevExpress)

@Uldis Rats

Hi, frankly speaking I'm not sure about videos, since MVVM is more about writing code than doing something at design-time. However, the new MVVM documentation section has a set of step-by-step tutorials that guide you through all stages of developing an MVVM app - starting from designing Views and up to writing ViewModel logic and binding all these separate layers together into a solid application. These tutorials suit both newcomers and experienced MVVM developers. You can find them <a href=" Hope this helps :)

23 June, 2015
Alireza Najafi

+1 for XPO scaffolding.Thanks and Regards,

8 July, 2015
Stefan Muelhens

+1 for XPO scaffolding.Thank you - great work!

27 July, 2015
Randy Jean

+1 for XPO scaffolding.  Also, for "quick and dirty" development it would be nice to still see non MVVM examples and tutorials continue to be developed and updated.  Having to bind in code, and write fluentAPI for what would typically require setting a couple of properties seems counter productive if I don't have a desire or need for MVVM.  I'm all for best practice architecture (was screaming at everyone in my shop about the benefits of nTier back in 1999) but we do a lot of 1 or 2 screen value added type stuff to work with ERP systems, etc. and are not full line of business type apps requiring all of this architecture.

4 August, 2015
Philip Johnson 1

Where is the demo?

28 November, 2015
Alexander Prokopyev

Can you do an adapter for CSLA like another MVVM framework:


19 April, 2016

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