WinForms Camera Control (Shipping in v15.1)

08 June 2015

Here's something we didn't get a chance to talk about leading up to release, a new UI component...Our WinForms Camera Control. As it's name implies, the control allows you to view/display live video from your Windows device directly on your form.

When multiple cameras are plugged in, you can select the desired device directly from the customization window and modify video settings as needed (contrast, brightness, saturation).

WinForms Camera Control Settings

The Camera Control also provides support for context buttons. This feature allows you to add custom functionality to the control by embedding context buttons when necessary (regular button, check button, rating control and track bar). And as you can see from the image below, it's been integrated into our Picture Edit Control. By using the popup menu associated with it, you can capture an image and save it using the Picture Editor.

We've also prepared a tutorial video showing the three different ways you can integrate the new Camera Control into your apps.

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Christopher Jay

Implemented this in an existing picture field in our Customer Database in under a minute after seeing this post.  Great job, guys!

8 June, 2015
Edhy Rijo

Wow, amazing and so simple to implement.  Love it!!!

8 June, 2015
Steve Sharkey

Excellent - been waiting for this!

9 June, 2015
Bryan Vam

Please do the same for WPF

20 June, 2015
Alex Chuev (DevExpress)

Sure, Bryan. We will definitely consider adding CameraControl for WPF.

23 June, 2015
Kevin White

Must have read my mind, I needed a camera control for a new project. DevExpress saves the day again.

5 September, 2015
Jesus Orozco 3

Is there any method to take the resolution of photography instead of video?

I require it in I have a tablet application and the camera is 5 mega pixels


26 January, 2017
tri nguye


19 April, 2017

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