DevExpress Dashboard - Conditionally Formatted Data Bars (Coming soon in v15.2)

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11 November 2015

Over the last few release cycles, we've added Excel inspired conditional formatting support to a number of our products, across .NET platforms. With v15.2, we'll extend conditional formatting support for DevExpress Dashboard with the introduction of formatted data bars.

For those unfamiliar with this feature, I think a screenshot will best explain it's visual impact/business value when used within a Dashboard.

DevExpress Dashboard Conditionally Formatted Data Bars

DevExpress Dashboards allows you to add data bars to grid/pivot table cells that contain numeric values. The following format rules/options are supported.

Bar - Visualize numeric values using bars. Different colors may be used for positive and negative values. 

DevExpress Dashboard Formatted Data Bars - Negative Values

Bar Color Ranges - Visualize numeric values using bars with colors contained in a specific color set.
Bar Gradient Ranges - Visualize numeric values using bars with colors contained in a specific color gradient.

Let me show you how to apply these format rules to data displayed within the Dashboard's Pivot Grid item. I'll demonstrate use of Bar Gradient Ranges (I'm going to assume you are already familiar with the Dashboard Designer)...

Step 1 is to choose the appropriate measure - in this screenshot we're using Reseller Sales Amount. Once we know which measure to use, we'll activate the dropdown menu and select Add Format Rule -> Bar Gradient Ranges -> Red-Blue.

DevExpress Dashboard Design Time

Once the Bar Gradient Ranges dialog is displayed, we'll set Intersection mode to Specific level and select the State-province row dimension to highlight values corresponding to individual states.

DevExpress Dashboard Formatted Data Bar Dialog

The final step is to press Apply...Here's the resulting output within the Dashboard...


We'd love to hear your thoughts on Formatted Data Bars and how you might use them in your next Dashboard.

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