HTML5 Data Grid - Enhancements (Coming soon in v15.2)

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23 November 2015

Based on great customer feedback, the upcoming release of our HTML5 Grid will include a number of usability and performance enhancements.

#1 - The Built-in Edit Form

As you can see in the image below, v15.2 includes a new Grid based “form” editing mode, allowing users to edit grid values directly within the grid's layout..

HTML5 Data Grid - Inline Data Editing

This new capability is made possible by the soon-to-be-released dxForm widget . As you'd expect, you can customize the edit form to your needs by specifying the desired dxForm configuration object. 

HTML5 Grid Inline Edit Form Customization


#2 - Filtering by Range

You can now filter numeric or date columns by range using the new "between" filter row operator.

HTML 5 Grid - Filter by Range

#3 - Column Header - Filter Customization

This release allows you to customize header filters for each column individually. You can specify custom header filter items by using one of the following options:

  • Specify a custom data source
  • Modify the default data source
  • Specify group intervals for numeric and date columns

HTML5 Grid Header Filter Customization
#4 - Performance Enhancements

The DevExtreme HTML 5 Data Grid is now significantly faster than its predecessor...

  • Nearly twice as fast for common usage scenarios (rendering, data refresh, etc)
  • Data caching support prevents unnecessary requests from remote data storage. This new feature improves performance for a number of built-in grid operations (sorting, filtering, grouping etc.).
  • Optimized data lookups. With the new calculateDisplayValue option, you can specify the initial value of Lookup cells, avoiding the loading of lookup data sources where appropriate.
  • Data grouping and summary calculations can now be performed on the server. This reduces the amount of data transfer and improves overall performance when working with large datasets.

Additional Enhancements

  • Two-way binding support for Knockout and AngularJS frameworks - enables grid cells to be updated if corresponding field values change outside the grid.
  • Ability to specify configuration options for editors used to edit cell values.
  • Show/hide check box columns when multiple cell selection mode is enabled.
  • Execute asynchronous operations for rowInsering | rowUpdating | rowRemoving events.
  • Obtain and modify desired cell values programmatically using the cellValue method.
  • Check if changes made to grid data are committed to the server using the hasEditData method (useful during batch editing).
  • Page navigator now displays total row count.


We'd love to get your feedback on these new features. Tell us how you're using our HTML 5 grid and how you might use some of these new capabilities in your next web project.

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Geert Depickere
Geert Depickere

I plan to use the grid from Angular to display data that can change outside of the grid (real-time machine data), so having the 2way databinding is great! Does this also work in master-detail mode?

The applications needs to be styled with an "Google Material Design" look and feel. It would be great if the grid (and the other components) would have official support for such a "Material" theme (simular to the Android style you support for mobile devices) when used in desktop mode.

23 November 2015
Nikolai (DevExpress Support)
Nikolai (DevExpress Support)

Geert, yes, two-way binding works in master-detail mode.

As for "Google Material Design support", despite that fact that the Android 5 theme developed according to Material design is mostly intended for mobile devices, you can enable it in a desktop app.

26 November 2015

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