HTML5 Data Grid - Enhancements (Coming soon in v15.2)

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23 November 2015

Based on great customer feedback, the upcoming release of our HTML5 Grid will include a number of usability and performance enhancements.

#1 - The Built-in Edit Form

As you can see in the image below, v15.2 includes a new Grid based “form” editing mode, allowing users to edit grid values directly within the grid's layout..

HTML5 Data Grid - Inline Data Editing

This new capability is made possible by the soon-to-be-released dxForm widget . As you'd expect, you can customize the edit form to your needs by specifying the desired dxForm configuration object. 

HTML5 Grid Inline Edit Form Customization


#2 - Filtering by Range

You can now filter numeric or date columns by range using the new "between" filter row operator.

HTML 5 Grid - Filter by Range

#3 - Column Header - Filter Customization

This release allows you to customize header filters for each column individually. You can specify custom header filter items by using one of the following options:

  • Specify a custom data source
  • Modify the default data source
  • Specify group intervals for numeric and date columns

HTML5 Grid Header Filter Customization
#4 - Performance Enhancements

The DevExtreme HTML 5 Data Grid is now significantly faster than its predecessor...

  • Nearly twice as fast for common usage scenarios (rendering, data refresh, etc)
  • Data caching support prevents unnecessary requests from remote data storage. This new feature improves performance for a number of built-in grid operations (sorting, filtering, grouping etc.).
  • Optimized data lookups. With the new calculateDisplayValue option, you can specify the initial value of Lookup cells, avoiding the loading of lookup data sources where appropriate.
  • Data grouping and summary calculations can now be performed on the server. This reduces the amount of data transfer and improves overall performance when working with large datasets.

Additional Enhancements

  • Two-way binding support for Knockout and AngularJS frameworks - enables grid cells to be updated if corresponding field values change outside the grid.
  • Ability to specify configuration options for editors used to edit cell values.
  • Show/hide check box columns when multiple cell selection mode is enabled.
  • Execute asynchronous operations for rowInsering | rowUpdating | rowRemoving events.
  • Obtain and modify desired cell values programmatically using the cellValue method.
  • Check if changes made to grid data are committed to the server using the hasEditData method (useful during batch editing).
  • Page navigator now displays total row count.


We'd love to get your feedback on these new features. Tell us how you're using our HTML 5 grid and how you might use some of these new capabilities in your next web project.

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