WinForms Controls - Updates to Our Outlook-inspired NavBar, Accordion Control and New Office Animations (Coming soon in v16.1)

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24 May 2016

In this post, I want to quickly describe some of the Microsoft Office related and app navigation features we'll introduce in v16.1.

DevExpress NavBar - Compact View

Our WinForms NavBar and Office Navigation Bar controls now offer a compact mode. When used, the DevExpress Office Navigation Bar is not displayed as a separate control, but instead docked to the NavBar Control's bottommost edge. Your users will be free to make the NavBar Control wider by dragging its border at runtime.

Accordion Control - Content Layout

We got a lot of positive feedback when we first released our Accordion Control but we were also asked to extend it with a few options. In this release, Accordion Elements can now display 4 different items in their header: captions, glyphs, custom controls and context buttons. As you can see in the animation below, you can re-arrange the layout as needed.

WinForms Accordian Control - Content & Layout

Office Inspired Animations

Though not meant to "bring peace to mankind," the new animations we've introduced to our WinForms Controls definitely replicate those found in Microsoft Office. These animations include::

  • Animations during Data Grid group row expansion
  • Office 2016 inspired animation when expanding Accordion Control elements
  • Office 2016 inspired animation and shadows when displaying popup windows in Bars and Ribbon Controls
  • Animation when displaying page categories
  • Office 2016 inspired animation when displaying the Ribbon's Backstage View


We'd love to hear your thoughts on these features - Will you be using our new compact Navigation View? How about the animations, are those something that will give your apps the fit/polish you've been looking for?  

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