WinForms Grid Control - Kanban View Coming Soon in v16.2

29 November 2016
I'd like to apologize to those of you hoping to explore the feature set of our Grid's new Kanban View. This feature will ship in our v16.2 release, but we had a few last minute issues that prevented its inclusion in beta 1. It's coming...we promise! 

I'll blog about its capabilities in more detail at a later time (and share with you some interesting ways you can visualize data within the Kanban View), but for now, here's a sneak peak...

WinForms Grid - Kanban View
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Igor Peric

Perfect! Good job!

29 November, 2016
Michael Proctor [DX-Squad]

Looks great Ray and thanks for the update. Look forward to prototyping a better way to display the sales workflow for a client.

29 November, 2016
Noufal Aboobacker 1

Is this view available for wpf?

29 November, 2016
Stanislaw Tristan

Nice news!

Are you planning to include Kanban functionality into your ASP.NET (MVC) edition of the grid

30 November, 2016
Everton Gonçalves

When will the X version be released?

30 November, 2016
Everton Gonçalves

When will the 16.2 version be released?

30 November, 2016
Ian Pook

The usual question from me....can you give a clue as to whether this functionality is (ever) going to be available to WebForms?

1 December, 2016
Hong Kong Airport Services Limited Automation

Good. Kanban view is useful for the Lean Project.

1 December, 2016
Alessandro Dimasi

It will be available in WPF?

15 December, 2016

Same than others, are you planning to release this on webforms? Really needed !

23 March, 2017

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