Video: How to create a Master-Detail Report

04 June 2008

Check out this 4 minute screencast on how to create a master-detail report in XtraReports. This screencast uses the sample created in the last screencast. You can create unlimited master-detail levels in a single XtraReport. You don't need to use subreports with a separate master and detail datasource. Using a single datasource with native ADO.NET data relations, you can create a master-detail report. Just define a DataSet relation, then add a Detail Report band which includes this relation and you have a master-detail report without any writing any code.

Be sure to pay attention to the coloring of the detail report bands' captions. XtraReports will color these captions according to their level at design time. This will make it instantly clear to you which detail level you're working with. Check out this screencast and learn how easy it is to create a master-detail layout in XtraReports.


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Hi Harry,

Let me say "Thank you" for this and the previous screencasts. With this videos, all newbies that unknown the product can easily implements all tips that you bring to us. Your "paused" English and direct explication allows to not native Americans ear and understand all that you want say to us.... without troubles !!!.

Regards and congratulations..... great job!


4 June, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Thanks Cesar!

Will do my best to bring you more videos and blog posts.

5 June, 2008
Charles Russell

Mehul, drop the "flashing" that you have when you transition between shots, it can be very annoying.

Other than that, thank you for the video. Even though I've been using the product for several years, I did pick up some tips from it (I didn't realize you could drag the table across bands, for instance).

This shows a simple master/detail relationship, can the product handle further levels? Master/detail/subdetail?

5 June, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Charles,

Will try to make the transitions smoother. Yes, you can have unlimited master-detail levels:

9 June, 2008
Fred Nelson

For some reason three of the four videos are missing.  Am I looking in the wrong place?

Thanks very much,


22 October, 2008
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Fred,

Which lessons are missing?

22 October, 2008
Tim Ogle

Broken Link?

When I click the image to watch the video, it 302's and redirects me to

Tried in FF, Chrome, and IE9

22 July, 2011
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Tim,

I've updated the blog post and you can find the video here:

26 July, 2011

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