WinForms Feedback Wanted - Excel-Style Group Filters

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28 June 2018

For our recent v18.1 release, we implemented Excel-style group filtering in the Pivot Grid Control. This feature shows a filtering popup that includes values from multiple columns in a hierarchical selection list. It allows end-users to select multiple column values for filtering.

Excel-style Group Filtering

Since many of our data-aware controls share basic concepts and architecture of their feature sets, we decided to enable the same group filters for the Tree List Control:

Tree List Group Filtering

Please help us decide

Now, we’re considering to implement the same feature in the Data Grid. However, we would really appreciate some feedback before we do that. Do you use Excel Group Filters in the Tree List? Do you think you will use them in the Data Grid? Are there any specific use cases or scenarios that are not covered by the implementation you see above? Please share your thoughts with us and help us design this feature as you need it!

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